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    Misc crap

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    IMG 20120908 00057

    From the album: Misc crap

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  4. Order sent for one of those gold/white ones. :)
  5. why are you reviving a thread whose last post was a year and a half ago?
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    skate park

    From the album: Misc crap

  7. I like how some of you answered No to #1 and Yes to #2. :rolleyes:
  8. It's a Lilliput 7" monitor with a 3m capacitive touchscreen. I custom made the bezel.

  9. Dan A

    Volvo V70 R

    Volvo V70 R
  10. Yeah, no thanks. It works for some of the big items but not the zillion small ones.
  11. +1. I'd like this question answered on the best way to go about this. (I have a 96 855R parting soon).
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    Car PC

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    New screen

    From the album: Car PC

    New screen and mount.
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    Old screen setup

    From the album: Car PC

    Tried (unsuccessfully) to compare the old screen to the new transflective one. This image does show the old custom fab'ed screen mount.
  15. No shit, I can not believe people voted for him and now he represents my state. Great.
  16. Anyone know why my sig isn't working anymore? When I go to My Settings, it shows it there. When I post, I can see Sig enabled under Post Options. And there's a big space underneath my post like it wants to show something.
  17. Upper right. View new content.
  18. Yep, don't see mine. That could be really bad for some. Love the calendar though. Plus I'm hoping for a different skin other than just default or lowfi.
  19. QUOTE (matt b @ Mar 11 2009, 04:39 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It really bothers you enough that you're posting about it ?It really bothers you that I'm posting about it that you'd reply? (and no it doesn't bother me that much, I was just asking a question)
  20. Yes and no. I'm asking when the ad free skin will at some point go back to it's old self with no banner ads. Although the hyperlink ads were the most annoying for sure.
  21. Any update on when this is going to be completed?
  22. Nice quote above without any comments. Too bad you can't edit your posts. :lol:
  23. Ran out of gas this morning. With a dying cell phone. It was also snowing today. :rolleyes: