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  1. keepin it classy Fresh paint
  2. totally hatin right now thats efin cool
  3. i snatched up the last 4 boxes of film from my local CVS, its such a shame they had to go bankrupt
  4. oil change and a shift linkage bushing on the S90
  5. it was like 7 n change. Ive used Mothers products for well over 10 years now. Theres a few megiars products i use like their hot tire shine and leather wipes.
  6. I picked up a better detailing spray this afternoon casue i ran out of my last bottle. Ive always used Mothers stuff on every single one of my cars. This is by far the best spray wax ive used. I was using the Mothers Quick Detail spray before and it always did a pretty nice job. This stuff is the high end line i guess you could say. It was like 2 bucks more but the results are defiantly worth the extra cost. = sorry the pics are at night, i tried to get some decent reflection...it looked good in person but not as well in the pic.
  7. im surprised im even up right now, i quit drinking at 630am. Im uploading the pictures that i have from my phone right now..there are some epic shots on here.
  8. still hung over, cant fall back asleep...still pissed off casue i payed way to much for drinks last night, there was drama on top of it all...i love my friends <_<
  9. finally got around to puttin new pads and rotors on. I was able to get Brembos for 33 bucks a piece at my cost. :D