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  1. i am still a member of VCOA....ends in june.... will not rejoin.. sadly... got a bad vibe form them this year at carlisle.... like a few people above me said that the cause and everything for that club is good for the "volvos"... just they seem anti-VS/ anti - any thing different ...... which is not fair.... but thats just my opinion ....
  2. legit they all rule.... but 6,7,8 are the best........ can you make them i will buy em :D
  3. think we can get some people to go to the drag strip they say they are having or somethign?? or race the main street thru there HAHA????
  4. hell yeah man.. come lol........your car looks really good lol
  5. how much beer should i bring ? i am thinking at least 3 30's haahahah :D
  6. any one decide when they are getting there i leave school on the wednesday and plan on drivin home then getting the car and leaving for PA on thursday morning
  7. any one know where the hell they are staying at or are most people camping ... ....
  8. how do i reg with VS there ...? just say i am part when i get there and sign up and that house thing?
  9. why dont they just give us the chance to make a dam car ... ......Rdesign FTL
  10. ..... and this is why people hate volvo..... make some damn power!!!! R-design= GAY........WACK i dont wanted your limited edition stuff
  11. mattyr51

    ALL T5R's

    everyone with a 850 and or T5R