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  1. I'm with Chuck on this one. I've had my 1995 854T for 7 years now. The octane gas I use doesn't make a bit a difference on mileage or performance. I'm sure 100 octane race gas would, but the stuff you can by at a typical gas station doesn't have any noticeable impact. I've used 87 octane gas since day one...yes I have tried other higher octane rated gas many times and never noticed any meaningful difference.
  2. This is a common problem. In any case you can get a new strip, plus you can also get the piece that the strip clips into (a hard piece of plastic).
  3. I nominate Kashif as the next raffle winner...very nice write-up.
  4. Great work Chuck! After seeing this and what my car went through on the repaint and the amount of work my friend did..I feel your pain. Fenders look really good. Painting is definitely not for the impatient. When my friend first reapainted my hood there was an adverse reaction with some of previous material, which required him to resand and repaint...needless to say he was not happy about that, but that is quite common when paintiing older cars. I have a ton of respect for paint/body guys, lots and lots of patience/skill required.