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  1. GP850T

    V70 T5M

    98 V70 T5M
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  3. im pretty sure its 100% fixed as it hasnt happened since i replaced the fuel pump relay i hope that helps

  4. Hey you said you had a weird stalling problem and you replaced the fuel pump relay. Has anything happened yet? Is it running ok now? I have a 98 s70 t5 doing the same thing!

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  6. GP850T

    94 850

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  7. QUOTE (matt b @ Sep 2 2008, 10:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>He's right.ummm late model 94s = 95s or am i missing something here?
  8. Volvo dealership parts guy tried to tell me that my car didnt have a T5 Engine lmao saying a manual swap would be 100% impossible
  9. Washed the Car been about 1.5 months of constant rain here so its about time Tried to cut off the head of a tstat bolt with friends dremel, Dremel=POS i quit ill just drill it out next weekend
  10. Thats about umm 5.70 a gallon i think? 1 gallon = 3.7 liters
  11. GP850T

    Volvo 850

    Volvo 850
  12. GP850T