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  1. D s50r

    Dougy's Sonic Blue 850

    looks awesome!! cant wait to see it done! id like to do a similar color on a car
  2. D s50r

    Flip Key Conversion For X70 & X40

    didnt say anything like that so i didnt know if they had a laser key cutter at the dealership.. most dont when they can just order the key already cut from volvo im pretty sure a key blank and a cut one to the spesific vin is the same price from volvo so why spend the money on the tool when volvo dosent require you to have? too many variables to have this discussion with you about anyways...
  3. D s50r

    Flip Key Conversion For X70 & X40

    why did u have to call in a favor? all you have to do is give them your key code and tell them you want it cut on the switch blade blank and they will order it
  4. D s50r

    Flip Key Conversion For X70 & X40

    ehh this is pretty cool but still it has the shitty D link set up where the link streches and ur key falls off all the time!
  5. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

    i need more to match so i took it off untill i either did the fender like whats his name with the silver s70 had or i might do the roof i need something else to match orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr capellas hydro dipped
  6. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

    just sitting at work getting ready to leave
  7. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

    there is nooooo way i would ever put a clutch on a car without the tool especially on a r! haha ive seen techs have the same issue your having because they just threw it on and or chattering when the clutch is engaged
  8. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

    is the art teacher hot? (usually not they tend to be full bush hippies) but cant hurt to ask
  9. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

    did a complete paint buff job and wax after i installed my lip that i got from the group buy that andy did recently
  10. plus shipping from tasca free shipping from discountvolvopartsonline.com for anything over 99 $ and these are about 25lbs each thats where tasca makes their money back is when they over charge for shipping
  11. nice dude you ordered the rotors from my dealership! just saw one of them that arrived holy crap is it big!!
  12. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

    Can't wait to get the vector wheels on!
  13. D s50r

    How Your Car Sits

  14. D s50r

    Another Rn + 20G, My 'build' Thread

    yea def pull the rods out measure everything twice before you order anything! i had 3 sets of rods that didnt match the block i had!! and im glad my head is still working out well!
  15. D s50r

    Us Assault Weapon Ban **read First**

    whoa!! dude you just blew my mind! holy crap!