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  1. Washed my car.....I wish I hadn't, it's all sorts of scratched up and It gets me depressed..... :o
  2. Spent another $500 today. Went in for an alignment and came out with an alignment and tires! :wacko:
  3. Installed $535 in FCP Groton OEM Volvo front end parts as seen here. Also installed, new upper torque mount, stock style, and a new MAP sensor from Volvo, $160 in parts from the dealer, not seen here. Now the only thing I need is an alignment, tire rotate and balance, and a new rebuilt rear driveshaft. So about another $700 bucks, (The two little rubber blocks in the lower right corner of the picture are for the rear nivomat upper mount)
  4. Joey P.

    Leaking turbo?

    Leaking turbo