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  1. IDK if any of you NW guys remember, but I saw a Civic with a "Dynamic Design" license plate frame the other day. Haven't heard of that shop in a minute, but this is coming from a guy who still runs a set of chrome "Evolution" license plate frames. Any guesses on the local shop this frame supports?
  2. Glad you're keeping the Volvo Austin. fixing a clutch is cheaper than buying another car
  3. Congrats Michelle! Hmmm, anyone watch "counting cars" on History? Good show. Wish I could have a 15K budget to have a car worked on oh well.
  4. don't remind me, she's walking, talking, but it's awesome. time is a flying. drove through Calibassass, haha, i'm being lazy to look it up, but was in Cali a month ago for a friends wedding, thought about you. no time to meet though, only there for a day and a half F'n sweet is right Atom, wish you were back in the forums, miss you fo' sho :tup:
  5. Nice Spencer, haha! But he's right, Sophia has been keeping me busy. I'm trying to participate as much as I can. Hope all is Kevin.
  6. GL with the sale Kalvin, looked sick on your car BTW ;)
  7. IDK Danny. From what I saw on the site, those pictures don't do them justice, they're potentially losing sales due to the POS pics NP and kewl Matt! Saw the pic with the callipers on, very clean! Different in a good way!
  8. Pics on the car please The initial shots lookin' goot! These are going on the 850 right?
  9. Spencer! Nice pic! Looks like a nice wagon to have. New DD or project sir ????
  10. Good luck again Spencer and I'm sure we'll be chatting Soooooo right on Adam's 240. Looks sick :excl:
  11. Yes, bada$$ for sure ! Adam - Just Volvo white or a special brew???
  12. Spencer - Dang man, we're gonna miss you hommie! See you on VS and good luck to you and your family in Cali Cool on the new motor, what happend to the old one?
  13. I see. I am happy as well Volvo has still a performance model. THX for chiming in!
  14. Oh yeah, 2 more things: 1. Anyone see the Nike MAGS on eBay? They are like the shoes Michael J Fox wore in back to the future 2 when he was on the hover board. Nike is releasing a 150 up for bid to raise money for parkinsons research. Bids for these shoes are like 3K to 4K, hella money, but worth it for the cause. 2. So saw a commercial for the 2012 S60 and I got a little confused. S60 T-5= 250hp. S60 T-6=300hp & S60 R-Design=325hp. Like the power ratings, but I thought Volvo got rid of the "R" because people associate Volvos with safety, not performance and the R-Design was for aesthetics and not performance. So what's up with the 325hp on the R-Design?? Seems like they should just call it "R" again.
  15. sad is right. givin' up on her Chris/Michelle? I no see Ah, gotcha! Are you already Cali bro?
  16. Taylor - glad the 240 is fixed Spencer - whats a VADIS???
  17. Please do and THX! Yeah man, radiator would be an easy fix. George brought up a good thought, what does Tbricks say?
  18. Excellent! Share the progress please Check radiator? You prolly did but just wanted to ask. My Accord was losing coolant and it wasn't the radiator, it was some internal seal? Didn't get it fixed cuz I spent $1500 to get the car running.
  19. Haha, no worries, I deserve it, I did load this song on my ipod . I the 80's!!!!
  20. nice! Actually just heard that song on my Ipod As Usher said "Let it burn" :excl:
  21. Feel better dude and yes, being sick is a waste of time
  22. Nooooooooo Waaaaaay dude! But "I LIKE'IT A LOT!" (dumb and dumber '94) :D :D The Crown shift boot is the best upgrade of all , nice man! Much props on the turbo upgrade. How's it runnin' after the break in period?
  23. Adam! Nice piece dude! In the 850 or the 240??? Spencer! - Did these fools jump into their old diesel powered rabbit spewing out black soot??? Agreed with Mossback, what a couple of bags of douche Danny!- Not good and definitely FTW on the warranty Sorry for the exclamations or hollering if you will. Haven't been on here for a while so just saying "what up?!?" :D