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  1. EdubT5m

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    i just lost at like 4 stratight games of beer pong and tried to tell a kid about the tune i was gettting... stuff, that went terrible
  2. EdubT5m

    1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the End

    what happened to all the last posts pictures? i cant see them at all... but its ok because i dont know if my mind could comprehend any more modifications at this moment lol. keep up the good work
  3. EdubT5m

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    so the one week i decide to head home from college to stay outta trouble, i drink with some friends at home. i mean he has a fridge with a freakn built in tap. c'mon now lol
  4. EdubT5m

    Volvo S70

    Volvo S70
  5. Well here's my parents latest purchase.. 3.0 Si and MY latest purchase of tonight...