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  1. The whole fucking thing... Seriously though, I want to do a re-spray, willing to offer beer/money in assistance for a place to do it and could become a practice car if you want to give it a go! I don't quite have the space I need to paint in my garage without clearing everything out of there. It has crossed my mind more than once and I'm considering it but just cant quite bite the bullet and start doing prep work before I am sure how it would be painted or where it would be painted.
  2. I'm super jealous, if I had that space I would be building a paint booth ASAP. Where did your friend get his car painted? I've been thinking about doing it myself on the Volvo but just cant quite man up and start prepping...
  3. I've chugged a bottle of maple syrup... Never again... #fireshits
  4. Do you have a blast cabinet that would fit wheels by chance?
  5. Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Used to own a Nitro Revo as a kid and it never ran and was expensive. Well, now I'm an adult, so it was time to fulfill my childhood dreams, this time electric. This thing is 12 kinds of stupid. Also bought $100 worth of new batteries for it 15 minutes after I bought it used off craigslist.
  6. I forget where I read the suggestion, but I knew I wanted to try it. The amount of vibration I got in park was negligible, but as soon as I shifted into drive it was off the charts. Now that I've Pre-loaded it while in drive, the vibration in park is minimal, and the vibration in drive is next to nothing as well. You could likely do the same with the front lower mount as well as the upper mount. The only way I could see doing it with a stick would be to drive in an open parking lot with someone sitting in the engine bay to tighten it... but you should have a lot less vibration when idling since the clutch isn't engaged regardless.
  7. Tightened my upper engine mount while a co-worker held on the brake in drive. Much less vibration in both drive and reverse.
  8. My garage is part of a 4 car building, I have sealed up my side best I can for water/animal protection, but there is still air flow over the wall between my garage and the ones next door, and theirs has a 10" gap in the back allowing air flow. So I'm not too concerned about it, still going to pick one up. Better safe than sorry right?
  9. and it didn't have anything to do with my Mercedes center caps (shh...don't tell him about the Audi Centercaps on my winter wheels)
  10. I ran it for about 20 minutes with the garage door open about 10" then turned it off and closed the door. Seemed fine, I'll snag a CO detector next time I'm at the store.
  11. Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Coolant hoses and fresh coolant for the winter, as well as an HD firewall mount to replace my old torn mount.
  12. Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Made working on the car in my garage much better! $100 at Home Depot well spent!
  13. I'll get some Sidemarkers and a nosecone to zip tie to my grille. But yeah, they're lots of fun, a great company to work for too.