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  1. 59 minutes ago, FINN said:

    Def wanna setup a place to paint.  I have the gear, just need a new bigass compressor.  I can find out.  It is one of the best jobs I have seen.  Threw it under my detailing lights and zero orange peel.  What do you need painted on the Volvo?

    The whole fucking thing...


    Seriously though, I want to do a re-spray, willing to offer beer/money in assistance for a place to do it and could become a practice car if you want to give it a go! I don't quite have the space I need to paint in my garage without clearing everything out of there. It has crossed my mind more than once and I'm considering it but just cant quite bite the bullet and start doing prep work before I am sure how it would be painted or where it would be painted.

  2. Preloading the torque mount... that's not a bad idea JVC, might have to try that myself. Wonder how you'd do it with a stick...

    I forget where I read the suggestion, but I knew I wanted to try it. The amount of vibration I got in park was negligible, but as soon as I shifted into drive it was off the charts. Now that I've Pre-loaded it while in drive, the vibration in park is minimal, and the vibration in drive is next to nothing as well.

    You could likely do the same with the front lower mount as well as the upper mount. The only way I could see doing it with a stick would be to drive in an open parking lot with someone sitting in the engine bay to tighten it... but you should have a lot less vibration when idling since the clutch isn't engaged regardless.

  3. Make sure you have a little ventilation in the garage and it would be wise to get a CO detector. Also it is not wise to have the tank indoors. I would get a long hose so the tank could sit outside.

    I ran it for about 20 minutes with the garage door open about 10" then turned it off and closed the door. Seemed fine, I'll snag a CO detector next time I'm at the store.

  4. Did it come with the light or did you add that? Looks pretty decent for the price. Gotta love peg board. Makes organizing things a cinch.

    All it needs to be great is a Merc Emblem.


    I see the Tesla part now, never mind about the Merc Emblem, that is much better.

    Comes with the light, it's not the brightest but it works!

    the Tesla piece is a chrome strip from the trunk, we have like 10 of them since the clips on the back sometimes break when you take them off. Maybe I'll stockpile Tesla parts and try to install them on my car. How does that sound?

  5. Went to Harbor Freight to do some shopping and ran across this work bench that was on sale for $99 from $179, the guy at the register then gave me 20% off on top of that for signing up for their mailers. $79 later a few hours and some cursing I got it assembled, its surprisingly sturdy for $79 and makes a great addition to the garage!



    Also pictured is my recent purchase of Trim Rings for the R cluster swap I'll be doing.

  6. John, the rust on those springs is bad news. Were they like that when you got them ? Did it get worse from this past winter's road salt ? I'd take some steel wool to them and try to coat them in Rustoleum, etc... Given D2's use of crappy metal (endlinks.....), I would not trust those springs to hold up to rust.

    I've had these coilovers going on 4 years. I run them year round and road salt takes its toll even though I try to wash them every few weeks during the winter. They got a tiny bit worse from this past winter but were already surface rusty. Surprisingly, my endlink tabs have held up fine *crosses fingers*

    I plan to either replace the springs I have with something different over the winter (shorter maybe), or possibly buy another set of D2's over the winter through a local guy who is a Vendor and can get me a decent deal on a new set. A lot of work on this car hinges on getting a daily so I can tear into it appropriately.


    3 is the limit.