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  1. Not necessarily, the Oil cooler could have failed into the radiator, but the transmission cooler may be fine. I would certainly try replacing the radiator first before tearing it down and doing a head-gasket. Coincide the Radiator replacement with an oil change and coolant flush, then let us know what it looks like.
  2. Three 2 bulb fluorescent lighting fixtures, ran them all through a 3-to-1 extension cord and to a surge protector with a switch. It's a little bit janky, but this whole garage is a bit rough. It definitely lights the place up enough to actually work in it! Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Ignore the mess that I made while un-packaging the lights and setting all of this up. Also picked up a rolling stool and a few foam pads for when I'm working on the floor this winter and want to not freeze to death...
  3. That shit was gone a long time ago, I believe he sold it to a family member, then he bought the Mk6, much better choice.
  4. Exhaust side rear cam seal. Old one literally fell out. Jacked up on trying to put it in, glad I bought two!
  5. I like how its been how many months since the S70 was changed and this is the first picture that I've seen publicly posted with its new color... Go ahead and take the air off of it and send it my way. At least it will get used once in a while!
  6. I saw your new plates... it should have "LL BUG" instead.
  7. The foam finger, I figured that was too obvious. I got mine for free after asking if they were for sale! Does it have a part number/price? Haha
  8. Not a new Volvo... probably some part for the 855?
  9. Washed the underside of the car to get all the oil off of it. Then found my leak! Ordered new rear cam seals.
  10. Had to go buy another Orange car... Nice pick up! Maybe that will handle the winters better than the Prius!
  11. Trust me... it was a lot better than it sounds. I slept in that car numerous times and I miss P2 seats... every time I'm at the junkyard pulling a part from one they remind me how much more comfortable the interior is. That being said, I need another P2 in my life...
  12. 850/X70 seats have nothing on P2 seats... I miss my S80 because of how comfortable the interior was, don't get me wrong, the S70 is nice and comfortable, but the S80 was a rolling couch.
  13. Looks like a good time! Once I find a suitable daily I've been considering a very similar swap! Cant wait to see pictures and videos from round 2!
  14. How it "sat" last week roller 3 by JVC8790, on Flickr
  15. Mike87 - is that the wheel that was on eBay for like $600? Not from IPD, but rather from Kalvin, to go along with my new Poly upper engine mount.
  16. Houston County, Georgia? Damn, Gary beat me to it.
  17. Poly upper engine mount. Just to realize the firewall mount is toast... Next item on the list!
  18. ET20... LOLOLOL Currently Running 18x8.5 ET15 and it could still fit another 5-8mm. Ran 17x8 ET0 at one point too.