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  1. Swapped my MBC for an OEM TCV, ARD TCV is on backorder temporarily but will be installed when it arrives.
  2. If you find it let me know! Until then I'm not too worried about it. We'll see how everything goes, worst case this will give me more of a reason to go bigger turbo etc and get not by the horsepower bug.
  3. I talked with Lucky yesterday, they'll be back in stock in a week. I'll run an OEM one and the ARD one and see which feels better if I can even tell. Otherwise it's just another part to add to my mods list. Haha
  4. I finally pulled the trigger, we'll see how this ARD tune works! Naturally, there have been VERY mixed reviews, but with my relatively simple setup I think it will be a good fit. Not trying to make all the horsepower, just a little kick in boost level. Plus, if I blow it up that gives me a good excuse to buy a new Daily and build a motor for the S70.
  5. Val, your shit is dumped! What's your ground to fender with those 19's? I've always wanted to tuck a set of 19's static.
  6. Are you serious? I texted you like a month ago about those and you said they sold!
  7. Bumper, Pegs, Spoiler.
  8. Knocked my bike into it. Dented the fender. Good thing that fender is already missing paint on the lip.
  9. Probably driving the next car to get destroyed home.
  10. Buy Sonax Wheel Cleaner... Don't care about brake dust anymore.
  11. Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Clean and tucked into the Garage. Missing one Carlsson because of a really messed up tire. Will get that sorted out this week before SoWo next week!
  12. Untitled by JVC8790, on Flickr Washed it.
  13. I like this a lot. Getting other stuff through LL?
  14. I did 1000 in my S70 last spring with 2 friends. Not something I want to do again.
  15. ESPP for Tesla Stock. Continually paying for it every paycheck. Totally worth it!
  16. Damn that looks good! Definitely needs some low though!
  17. So excited about this! Is this my old block?
  18. Excited to see what the new C30 looks like after it gets a treatment! I know it will be killer!
  19. Now you can sell me the suspension from the matte chrome not blue Kor!
  20. At will. Whenever I feel like it, maybe once a month during nice weather, or more? Who knows... Gotta have options!
  21. Bingo! My car is noisy in many other ways, there's a reason I always listen to music. Tire noise is just something to expect when you buy cheap tires. And it's definitely something I can deal with. If I wanted quiet and smooth, I wouldn't have slammed my car on stiff suspension.
  22. Noisy or not, they were cheap so I don't expect to get a lot out of them. I need them so I can have tires on 2 different sets of 18" wheels so I can swap back and forth at will and not have to have tires removed. I already own 6 215/35-18 tires, so I just needed 2 more, got a good deal on some cheap rubber. I can't complain, they'll serve the purpose I need them to.