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  1. If it has to do with stolen gas... LOL.
  2. Thanks a bunch! I cannot believe what I have been missing out on in the R Forum...worth the $40 fa sho!
  3. OMG I just got home and missed it by 15 minutes... dayum... gonna have to wait til I get moar money! haha.
  4. He was probably going to offer a Police Escort to the soccer game that you should have been late for, then he realized that you had no kids and felt like an idiot for pulling you over and figured give a warning.
  5. Finished installing my new system, 2 12" Alpine 1243D subs, hit really nicely, I really like them and they look pretty good too.
  6. If he gives her Super Smash, everything will be better, we all know Super Smash fixes anything... or maybe a clear controller or a rumble pack... either way... he needs to give that chick another game before they call it even (and she should remember to say no trade-backs... that could be an issue) 3rd Grade Playground Rules... applicable to all situations...
  7. Get an Auto, then swap it one day, and convince her that it has always been manual...
  8. MONEY STACKS!!!! Make it Rain!! Gettin a Volvo?
  9. tonight was epic. i wasted like 30 bux in gas, drive to southside, with some honda,s drove around, in the ghettos and shiz, had no clue where i was, friends crank'd 240's (volvo jokee... get it hahs) they were crankin it, eerythang, got busted up by the security in liek 4 lots, finally made it home, epic win, then epic fail with old pelple in Goats gettin pult over neetr mah house. epick fa sho!
  10. What the hell did you buy? Enough LED's for a full conversion of all lights in the car?
  11. How are they mounted in, just crammed in there? Glued, Taped? I sure can't wait to see when they are done, I sure hope they look as good as I hope they do! We need lit pics!!! I got a flat in my front left pulling into my garage, and cannot for the life of me find where a nail is or where its leaking out, tried water and soap to find the bubbling spot etc... nothing. -John
  12. Where do you get the money for this stuff? You're so lucky!!! I can't wait to see this car when done.
  13. Bought some 18" Enkei GF-1 15-Spoke Anthracite wheels for $450.
  14. Happy New Years! Hope to have a better Volvo year than last year was!!!
  15. Installed Tom's Endlinks and can vouch for the difference that they make, car drives better for sure! also bought an autometer Cobalt gauge 30Vac/20Boost
  16. Thanks a Bunch, because I bought some stuff and would like to leave feedback and not have to deal with sending pm's anymore! Thanks John
  17. even when you went to edit the title, you still had a little spelling/grammar error...
  18. JVC

    BBS RZ

    pictures of the wheels I have for sale.