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  1. I know it ain't even low... Misfire was a bad plug, tossed a new one in and it was shitty for 50 miles then randomly cleared up. Driving home right now, left OC an hour ago. We'll see how it holds up. I haven't done cap and rotor since I bought the car at 109k, I'll roll over 169k on my way home.
  2. Parked in the garage at h2o... Fronts are now bottomed out, only had about 1/4" left which I gr rid of. Rears can go further but the fitment is right where I want it, I just need to do a little cutting on the front edge of the fender to make it not rub. It doesn't rub one bit on the top edge of the fender though, clearance is perfect.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen... This is Mambo Number 5...
  4. I have that first one for Vol-FCR, works fine, you just have to set up the USB port you're using as COM-1 or it wont work with VOL-FCR right.
  5. Are you doing the wrap yourself? I've always wanted to learn how to do vinyl (even on small parts) but I don't feel like spending the money and having bad results or wasting product on messing it up.
  6. Tailights are slimmer? explain (maybe with a picture) do they not stick out as much? There's a 99 with minty tails at the junkyard I could get the tails from if they're a bit different. I always assumed they were the same...
  7. JVC

    Andy's 1999 V70 R

    What size adapters are you running?
  8. got a tire puncture fixed at work, then came home to find some 15mm 5x108-5x120.65 adapters I ordered already showed up! Only 2 (bought them from the guy who bought Kalvins Rikens) and now I can at least test fir the Work Ewings before I sell them (along with any other BMW wheels I may find )
  9. Hand washed it for the first time in months (just had been getting spray washes), then went out with a few friends so they could get a roller for me. Roller! by JVC8790, on Flickr
  10. FINALLY got a friend to shoot some pics of my car for me, I always take rollers for other people and rarely get a decent one of my car. I wanted one with the RK-2's before I take them off to sell them. Roller! by JVC8790, on Flickr
  11. I love flipping wheels, lots of times if you find a good set for $200-400 with good tires in a regular size you can split them and sell the wheels for what you paid and sell the tires for more. Pretty easy money, it's all about having the investment ready when they pop up for sale and pulling the trigger before anyone else gets to them!
  12. I also don't like R Spoilers... that's why I sold one to Ian for $60.
  13. cleaned and polished my wheels... then it rained... FML
  14. I understand rule of thirds, kinda hard when you want a panorama of a bay or a plate of food. The plane shots I would have, but it was hard enough using a 210 lens without a tripod and catching a plane that was only visible for a few moments. I try to use the rule of thirds when I can, but with those I just couldn't time it based on having grabbed my camera off a table and started shooting, wasn't in the mental state for well composed pics. haha
  15. Lowered the ass end another 1" or so... now it's tucking a good amount of tire like it should. I didn't do it before because I knew I was going to be 3 deep with gear driving to SoWo, and I never dumped it after like I had planned.
  16. Yeah. It's a Damn shame my skyjacker kit was working last night. I also noticed my foglight. Just didn't get enough light on the left one so it looks like its not there.
  17. Used it as a subject for my first attempt at light painting. Light Painting Attempt 1 by JVC8790, on Flickr
  18. Tried out some light painting using my Vivitar 285hv flashes. For a first try, I think it came out okay. I haven't done any real photoshopping to it to make anything less glarey or crisper, just stacked and minor adjustments. Light Painting Attempt 1 by JVC8790, on Flickr
  19. A few pics from my recent trip to Canada. Take Off by JVC8790, on Flickr Daves Plane by JVC8790, on Flickr DBL Docks by JVC8790, on Flickr Lunch by JVC8790, on Flickr
  20. I really want to try 19's... and tuck some wheel. Those oughta look bomb with that fitment. I'm sure you'll have it looking proper in no time. 215/35-19?
  21. Those looks pretty good actually. I'd love to find out a model number if you ever find one on the back of the wheel or something.
  22. Where did you pick them up from? 5x108?
  23. I fit a 45 sidewall... Sidewall height doesn't mean much. I had 215/50-17 when I was on neptunes and it only rubbed at full lock.
  24. Looks like it's going to turn out similarly to my front bumper (of course yours being slightly more professional) I've quickly learned to love my wiper delete mod and the look of the front bumper once blended in. R Bumper 2 by JVC8790, on Flickr You're is going to look awesome!
  25. Haha, except he couldn't handle the horrid color choice and already re-painted them!