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  1. TBM added a post in a topic Volvo + BMW   

    Took a few friends out for a drive for their first time:
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  2. TBM added a post in a topic Volvo + BMW   

     quicksilver: Not sure what the car is called. Here's the dashcam video of the run where you can see it : http://youtu.be/5E6-sGCyvT8
    DD: No LSD in the car yet. And would def. been nice if it came with one from the factory. 
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  3. TBM added a post in a topic Volvo + BMW   

    Went to the track with the car for the first time. Didn't run awful, but was expecting slightly better numbers...especially the ET.
    2.1 60' def. needs work.
    Car #1495 (Right Lane)

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  4. TBM added a post in a topic Volvo + BMW   

    VS was a daily part of my life at one time. Hard to leave.
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  5. TBM added a post in a topic Volvo + BMW   

    It's a JB4 piggy-back system. Very cool what it can do. I set up my gas gauge to be a boost gauge when I'm in boost. It highjacks it. You can choose/configure different parameters to monitor and can use both fuel and oil temp gauge. For the boost on fuel gauge, middle is 10 psi, full is 20 psi. 
    Just today I set my oil temp gauge to show my meth flow rate after I installed the meth kit. 
    JB4 comes with 7 different maps, and you can switch maps on the fly through your steering wheel controls. 
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  6. TBM added a post in a topic T5m on CL   

    Lightly modded S70's doing mid-13s? Ummm...no.
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  7. TBM added a topic in Show Room   

    Volvo + BMW
    Hey, what's up guys...been a little while.
    You might best remember me with the 1998 S70 T5M I had for 6 years before selling it 2 years ago:

    Currently driving this 2003 V70 T5, which is the wife's/family's car:

    When I had my S70 T5M, I wanted a BMW 335i as my next car...and earlier this year I picked one up. Here's a couple of shots:

    Here's a 0-100mph video:
    Still a work in progress...would like to get it to around 500bhp and enjoy it. I'm in the process of installing a meth injection kit.
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  8. TBM added a post in a topic Back In The Game   

    Congrats! Beautiful R!
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  9. TBM added a post in a topic Sooo....what's Going On With Lucky?   

    I bought a Green tune for my 03 V70 T5 during the Black Friday sale, but have yet to send out my ECU. How unfortunate, as I was really looking forward to getting the car tuned.
    I am going to request a refund...anyone have problems getting money back with ARD?
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  10. TBM added a post in a topic Sooo....what's Going On With Lucky?   

    Are most of the problems people have been having related to custom tunes (upgraded turbos, injectors, etc).
    I have an 03 V70 T5 and was looking into getting a Green (17psi) tune from Lucky, but this thread is scary.
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  11. TBM added a post in a topic Biker Could Not Drag Me Off A Skateboard No Less Suv   

    Wow, what a bunch of a-holes those bikers are. Riding like a-holes and acting like douches.
    There might be some blame on the driver of the SUV, but it's more so on the bikers.

    And the biker who got paralyzed...he was trying to help the driver? What's the driver supposed to think when he's got tens of bikers coming up to him and smashing his car and then this one odd biker is trying to help him? There's so much commotion going on against him, there's no way he thinks anyone's trying to help him.
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  12. TBM added a post in a topic What Did You Do To Your Car Today.   

    Changed spark plugs.
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  13. TBM added a post in a topic Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase   

    I actually have a buyer lined up...I'm just waiting to finish up registering my replacement car ('03 V70 T5) and this one will be sold. Probably by the end of the week.

    It's a great car, but it's def. under-powered. The cup holders are horrible and the door lock motors I've had to all replace.
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  14. TBM added a post in a topic Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase   

    Not just a Honda Civic...a very luxurious Honda Civic lol. Leather and heated seats, sunroof, heated mirrors,etc.
    This has been my family and winter car for the last 3 years (1999 Acura 1.6EL Sport Premium):

    Extremely reliable...it was actually my vehicle of choice (over my T5M!) to get around town when I needed to run errands quickly. Handles great, it's automatic, and not lowered...that's why I preferred this over the T5M.
    If you guys have ever checked out Car Survey...I think this is the only vehicle that I've seen on there that has all smiley faces from reviewers:

    But, I will be selling it after owning it for 3 years because we've outgrown it as a family. Bought it for $3,400 three years ago, and will be selling it for $3,000 probably this week.
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