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  1. Johann added a post in a topic Beusted Silver - The Build Thread   

    The R disc doesn't cover the full surface of the 707 PP. With the R PP the "missing" friction surface area isn't present. 
    With my white 850 M66 conversion I tried to use an S60R friction with the 850 R PP. Here it was the other way around. Friction surface was larger than PP surface plus the friction was roughly a mm to thick. I wonder if the 707 also doesn't need a 9 mm thick friction plate. 
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  2. Johann added a post in a topic How Your Car Sits   

  3. Johann added a post in a topic 850 T5M Project: 02 Hpt, M56, Tt, 18T...   

    225/35 does better. Also suits the 850 better. 
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  4. Johann added a post in a topic Show your build plan   

    Most of the build plans are in my head. The problem it brings is that when owning multiple cars the plans might shift from one car to another. I also do like the thought and initial build process more than when the build is nearly complete. 
    The budgeting also goes along that line of thinking. Sometimes I see a part or maybe an engine and a discussion with the seller might make me decide to buy. I have bought several engine's and gearboxes because some partial worked out idea was in my head and those parts suited the idea. While the pressure is still off the parts often can be bought cheaper for the simple reason that you don't have to buy. The last 2.4 T5 engine I bought was used 6 months later in another car than intended.. 
    Part of budgeting is the choice between used and new parts. I can buy OEM parts with a reasonable discount and decide to use only new parts when I think the build requires it. Other build are based mostly on used parts and part of the build plan.
    Currently resurrecting a former rally car. The previous owner bought it as parts car and was thinking about bringing the body to the scrap yard. Since the body had a roll cage and was welded through for stiffening I thought it was a pity to destroy it. But I already have so many other unfinished projects.. Most important thing was to save the body so I bought it for €350,-. 
    At that moment some of the build plan already went on in my head. 
    1. Clean the car and see what is left over after cleaning
    2. Strip the car to start from scratch
    3. Basic needed parts, Engine, Gearbox, Drive shafts, ECU, Dash, Seat.
    4. Paint the exterior white because I like white cars and suits the "SwedeDemon" CI. Costs probably exceeding €2000,-
    This was basically the simple plan.
    When I received the car it didn't come with a subframe and front suspension but I had most of the parts shelved already from a stripper car I picked up last year. So far no costs involved. 
    Started removing the stickers from the car and while doing so I had the chance to take a closer look and the build plan changed a bit. The paint turned out to be in better shape than expected but Cream Yellow. Changed build plan,
    5. Not paint the exterior white because yellow is good enough. Only paint engine bay and interior. 
    I started with painting the engine bay myself and decided to use a fairly standard industrial color, RAL 7011 grey. After painting the bay I liked the color but not for the interior so I decided to paint the interior semi gloss black. A total of 9 spray cans were used so far. Costs involved roughly €100,-
    While stripping the car the build plan didn't change that much but I sort of started budgeting the build in my head. 
    There was no engine. there are no drive shafts. Exhaust needs to be changed. Suspension needs change. There are no front brakes. 
    -Dash, I bought a Stack dashboard about 7 years ago and still had it shelved. It was expensive at the time, ~€1000,- in 2007 but doesn't hurt me at this moment. 
    -Seat, Still have a Sparco EVO3 seat meant to be used with a postponed project. Can go in this build for now. Expensive seat at the time. Used in some of my cars with good ROI. Bought new cloth for it a couple of years ago. Total cost ~€650,-, ~€450,- in 2003 or 2004 and ~€200,- in 2009 or so so doesn't hurt me at this moment. 
    -Steering wheel, went shopping for a QSP steering wheel including needed 850 adapter. Together with a plate of Carbon material the costs were little over €200,-
    -Engine, Decided to go NA. Went shopping at my favourite junk yard and bought a 2006 NA engine for €500,-. Self set budget was €800,-
    -Gearbox, Had an M56 shelved as a leftover from the SD11 2.4/M66 swap. Payed €350,- for the M66. Could have sold the M56 for similar money. Doesn't hurt me at this moment. 
    -ECU, Decided to use a Link G4 Xtreme. Have 2 of these shelved for some time already and basically destined for other builds. One I bought used from e-bay back in 2012 for roughly €1000,- at the exchange rate at the time. Current new price somewhere €1400,-  to €1800,- Doesn't hurt me at this moment.
    -Drive shafts, still need to go shopping. No indication of costs.. I guess somewhere €200,- maybe a bit more. 
    -Suspension, bought a BC coilover set for €1000,- Since I want to track this car at least once I thought it needed at least a better suspension but also bought it with the idea to use it with the SD11 car at a later point. 
    -Brakes, Have some ideas going at the moment. Costs involved so far near €250,- but those costs aren't necessarily linked to this build yet. 
    Most of the build will be reused parts and most of them I have lying around somewhere. Budget for minimal completion of this build to first drive is €1000,- to €1500,-. Most of that will probably go in brakes and some paint work.
    Blurry spreadsheets in head it is. 
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  5. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    Thought so. P80 isn't an official name for the platform. Probably a US thing. 
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  6. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    I guess you mean 800 series? I have fiddled a bit with them. 
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  7. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    I have driven S60/V70R ..  I will get used to a large turning radius..  
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  8. Johann added a post in a topic k24 year-to-year differences   

    I think you are referring to a post from Autotech. Can't find it but when I mentioned that K24's have a habit of losing turbine blades at higher turbo pressures he responded that the later K24's were stronger/more reliable. 
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  9. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    The V40 is pretty much identical to the outgoing C30/S40/V50 from a suspension layout point of view. I always had great fun with my former C30T5 and hope the V40 will behave equally. 
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  10. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    Some progress on the track car,
    Installed the engine and gearbox. As mentioned the gearbox comes out of SD11 as does the flywheel. Used the 850R pressure plate which has been used in SD11 with the S60R friction for a while. Still had had the new 850R friction which came with the pressure plate. 

    Replaced the rear main seal while at it. 
    Also exchanged the P2 exhaust manifold for an 850 GLT NA manifold. 
    After the engine was in I stripped the loom which came with the engine and mocked up the new routing of the loom. Decided not to use drive by wire throttle so a few more wires need to be added for TPS, MAP, IAT and ICV. Will be using a Link standalone and want to try to get the intake VVT working. 

    Intake manifold will probably an 850 turbo manifold with a GLT throttle body for now. 
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  11. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    He doesn't know it yet but he has to. 
    Before the end of the year to be more precise. This because he will be needed as either a navigator or a driver.. 
    In the last month there has been a very impulsive development at Area 34. Januari this year I received the Polestar V60 as a replacement for the Lexus IS-F. Both being powerful cars I never took the Lexus to the Ring but being the Volvo nut I am I decided to take the Polestar for at least one lap mainly as mentioned for the photo and the sticker. There are also a few other reasons for probably not taking this car to the Ring anymore. Never say never but this isn't a real track tool. It is a great daily driver and long distance cruiser and for those reasons I am very happy with the car which btw exceeded my expectations.
    During the time I drove the Lexus('s) I also drove a Focus RS500 with the intention to use it as a track car. For reasons it didn't happen as often as I wanted and added to that I thought the car was a bit to special to modify for more dedicated track usage. In the end I used that car more or less as a daily driver next to the Lexus but the Lexus was more fun.. so after three years I decided to trade this car for a C70 Convertible also as a gesture to my wife. She had been talking about a convertible for years.. And a gesture it turned out to be given that I haven't had much seat time in that car since. The C70 did 15K km in little over one and a half year while I have only driven 22K km in the RS500 in little over three years including a trip to the UK and to Sweden with this car. Last year I took the C70 to the Ring because I was "between" cars and did a sight seeing lap together with Emiel and Travis. In total I think I didn't drive it for more than 1000 km. 
    In the mean time I had a second hand S60R also with the idea to use it as a track car on occasion. Drove one lap at the Ring and at the Bilsterberg circuit and sold the car earlier this year mainly because there was no real click...  And it needed a lot of maintenance and even more to keep it going. Another thing was that it gave me a sense of "been there, done that". Time moves on and modern cars are prove of that. Nowadays we have flippers on the steering wheel and cars do a lot thinking themselves. Even Volvo went that route with the nasty side effect of dumping everything more than 4 cylinders. 
    I thought it was a shame to ditch the 5 cylinder. Still think that way. On the other hand in the last year or so I also started to appreciate what Volvo is doing. The Polestar is still a 6 cylinder but I have driven newer models either as a loaner car from the dealer or just because the dealer offered me a car to test drive. In my country we have had the Ford era with most of the engine configurations being 4 cylinder Ford or PSA engine's already and they didn't do to bad. We have driven a 1.6 Diesel C30 for a couple of years ourselves and although not a performance car by any means it always was a pleasure to drive. 
    Now there are the new VEA, or in the US called DrivE, engine's with the 8 speed AT. I have driven a couple of models equipped with these engine's and was surprised how they handled. Last week we traded the wife's XC60 for a new XC60 4 cylinder T5 AT8 including flippers..  Don't know how it will perform in the long run but the outgoing XC60, 2.0 5 cylinder diesel MT FWD, never missed a beat in the 4 years of ownership. The 8 speed gearbox is fun. Not the old Volvo slushy AT behaviour and in flipper mode it shifts faster compared to the Polestar which in all honesty doesn't do all that bad.

    After negotiating the trade of the XC60 about two months ago I learned a thing or two about the new engine and gearbox configurations and while I still think it is a shame Volvo isn't offering a manual transmission in the higher powered gasoline versions anymore I also thought, like mentioned earlier, that time moves on and most car manufacturers take that same route. DSG or twin clutch or whatever it is called. It was also during that time that Volvo introduced a limited edition model for Europe called the Volvo V40 Carbon Edition. At first I didn't think much about it until I received an email from Polestar introducing somewhat disappointing tunes for the new VEA engine's. Doing some more reading on the subject lead to that same V40 Carbon Edition again and this is where impulsiveness showed it's ugly head. .. 

    Next day I visited the Volvo dealer and twenty minutes I had bought a car unseen. Some time September I will become the owner of a V40 Carbon Edition.. 
    100 car's are destined for the Netherlands. I thought production was set for after the holidays but to my surprise there was a diesel version on display at the Volvo Experience event I attended late last month,

    And another one arrived at a dealer nearby last week,

    The first pictured car is a D4, the second a T5. 
    The car I opted for is a 2.0-4 T5 AT8version. Added optional flippers, Polestar tuning, adjustable steering force and the tinted rear windows. 
    The stock power of the T5 is 350Nm and 245 hp. The Polestar tune will bring it to 400Nm and 253 hp. Biggest gain will be mid range, roughly 25 hp. Added to that Polestar promises optimised shifting behaviour. 
    Car comes with 19" wheels, 235/35-19 tires. Carbon roof and mirror covers. Gloss Black accents and window trim. Slightly more lowered suspension and a rear spoiler. All other the car is mostly R-design. 
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  12. Johann added a post in a topic Has Anyone Found Shorter Rear Shocks?   

    If you have the room for it just place the top mount higher. 

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  13. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    This was also an avoidable accident.. Should have waited till the track dried up ..
    Emiel didn't run out of talent but out of space and as it appears only by a couple of mm. 
    I looked it up, I think you US people say hindsight is 20/20. 
    It hurts though . . 
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  14. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    We had a meeting at the Ring yesterday. A nice opportunity to take the Polestar 60 mainly for photos and the sticker.. 
    Photo's succeeded,

    Earned it's sticker,

    The weather was mixed dry and sunny and rain from time to time. Took the P for a lap while it was still dry. The P did great. The driver a bit less. Haven't driven in a while and the P took some getting used to. It is a heavy car. Flippers. Traction control / anti skid turned out to be a bit to protective losing a lot of power. Maybe I should have turned it off before the lap. Switching it off is buried in the Sensus menu and trouble started on the latter part of the track so no use to go through the pages at that point. 
    All in all a great fun day with a bit lesser ending but it's up to the person in charge to report about that. 
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  15. Johann added a post in a topic The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    Mainly for the reflection. The CY of course is terrible to look at all the time. White could be done but needs more care to make it look good. The satin black was the easiest option. I wanted to paint it RAL 7011 like the engine bay at first but once the bay was done I found it to be to shiny. 
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