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  1. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Slow progress, moved some stuff from the current house, But the weather doesn't play nice.. The ceiling of the "deel" extension is finished, Also cut away the uneven pattern of the wood cladding. Thinking about transforming this area in to some sort of bar style thing. The painting is slowly progressing. Door and window frames were painted white, the inner sufaces semi gloss grey, Currently working on a floor on top of "De deel", an area unused at the moment. The ceiling of de deel is literally made of trees cut in half over the full length. The isolation was removed but this left a see through ceiling. Anything new on top would show through. To avoid the issue we decided to paint all the floor beams a very dark brownish/black. 18 beams were painted before installing. Added to that 100 small plates were painted also, The result looks like this, The beams were aligned on top of the old oak trusses. The plates put in between the beams and isolation was added on top, The second part of the floor will be finished today. A nice Volvo moment,
  2. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Terrace almost finished
  3. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Some progress with the renovation, Most of the brickwork is done, The bathroom floor needs to be removed to install floor heating before is can be rebuild. My oldest son doesn't like the traditional style and his new ground level bedroom had a very traditional look with low ceiling. Lot of wood cladding. I removed everything from the room including the low ceiling. Turned out the brick walls didn't run all the way to the roof. Outside wall was a double brick, cavity?, wall but only just above the low ceiling. Walls have been extended to the roof, a door leading to the bathroom was removed and drywall used for the ceiling to give it a bit more modern look. All done by people will skills.. I'm good at tearing things apart..Needs to be said that there is no square angle in the house.. Paintwork in the high living room has begun. The ceiling has been sealed because there still was a lot of dust coming from seams in the ceiling even after thorough vacuum cleaning. On the right side of the fireplace there used to be a small bench nailed to the wall and floor. After removing it turned out the old oak floor didn't extend all the way to the wall. The carpenter did a great job repairing the floor. Most of the work in the house is done by a carpenter and his apprentice which is his son. The carpenters brother does the brick work but because of an illness he only works in the afternoons. Takes a bit different planning but I think the work has been progressing well. Like mentioned I try to as muchof the removal work as possible myself. The apprentice prepares the work place for his uncle so he can immediately start with the work. The kitchen, A very tiny kitchen but only needed to make the food. With the old farm houses people were mostly living in what we call a living kitchen. The living itself was basically only used for special occasions and the Sunday. The living kitchen is somewhat larger, And will be left as is. Only the plaster work will be repainted. the woodwork will remain untouched. On the outside a new terrace will be build. I hired a gardener who started this week. A tree was in the way and the gardener suggested to cut the tree. I'm absolutely to tree hugger but I couldn't agree to cut this weird looking very old tree to pieces so I suggested to relocate.. Against all the advice.. Still had an old workhorse handy, Removed the tree, It's new home, And progress of the terrace,
  4. Lightened Crank Pulley

    I think the Volvo 5 cylinder crank is simply to heavy to get bothered with a different pulley. Also the crank bearings in this engine hardly wear. But there are some engine's out there, I believe BMW 6 cylinders are among them, which do not like the removal of the pretty heavy harmonic balancer. It acts as a sort of counter balance for the flywheel. When done wrong the crank can break in half. And yes engine's with lightened un-dampened pulleys have shown higher wear. It will bring the life expectancy of the engine down to 250K Miles from 300K miles.. .. Even when polished it can hardly be seen btw.
  5. How Your Car Sits

  6. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    I don't think I understand what you are asking here. For now the barn will basically stay as it is. On the left side I want to make a small isolated computer room. The space in the picture where you can see the yellow bucket on the left. There is no heating in the barn and it is extremely well ventilated as you can see in the picture in the back just below the roof line. Above the walls everything is open. I want to build the room from the scratch material which came out of the house, in the picture the pile of wood on the richt and the white beams in front of the workbench, which has been made of that same material btw. Sort of Workbench 2.0 After the mess is cleared I want to place the workbench to the back wall. This because from all the poles in the barn run beams to the next pole and the outside walls and sit at ~1.85 mtr. height except for the two mentioned spaces.
  7. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    A big mess at the moment..
  8. RN NA Cam timing

    The XC engine is the first dual VVT engine made. It is closely related to the R engine.
  9. RN NA Cam timing

    Will fit. Only valve play needs to be checked and adjusted.* *Missed the hydraulic part .. ;-)
  10. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Barn find. After ~25 years the wife and I decided to leave the industrial area and move to something slightly more outdoors.. The house itself is a 168 year old farm house.. As pictured we also found a barn on the 4.6 acre property which comes with it. Later this year Area 55 will be history. The new property comes with number 31 so to keep tradition it willbe named Area 31.. Officiallythe deal was sealed October last year but the transfer was March 1st this year. Currently rebuilding some parts of the house, other parts will mostly be left in the original style. One small issue was a part of the living room. The free height was only 1.95 mtr., The ceiling has been raised by roughly 30 cm. With my 1.91 mtr. it brings a bit more breathing space. The other part of the living is 3.40 mtr. high. The other part being changed is the bathroom. There used to be two small bathroom with a bedroom in-between. The bedroom and one bathroom havebeen removed and the other bathroom is going to be extended. The house being a traditional Dutch farm house the bathrooms and bedroom were situated in the former stable area. I don't know how it is called in US-English but the center part of the stable is called "de deel" in Dutch. This part has been converted to living space including an old French fire place. The part where the removed bathroom used to be will become an extension of "de deel" to bring some more light in to the space. De deel didn't have any outside windows so no direct light coming in. The brickwork is half way done. Had to reuse some old bricks because they had old,now non standard, dimensions. The other wall wil use new type bricks. An impression of the outside light coming in, So for the time being the Volvo developments will be on the back burner.
  11. The Rockway Chronicles

    Funny.. Currently rebuilding the new house and ran in to a similar issue.. One part of the living room was only 1.95 mtr. high. We upped the ceiling by 30 cm but there was also a huge support beam in the way. Luckily that spot is 2 mtr. high so "doable" New,
  12. The 8 speed shifts by itself at redline when in manual mode.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    Happy Easter all!
  14. Rare Volvo Parts

    My reply was about the OEM strut brace but it looks like you have removed that post.
  15. dougy's 300$ C70

    Well.. With a mustache at least it looks masculine. The C bumper always reminds me of an emoticon.