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  1. The perfect gardening companion..
  2. About those 336's, I don't think a suitable bracket is available. The Focus RS also uses these brakes but uses the wider mount pattern of the bracket afaik. P80 is different also. @Commander Riker, TNX! Some doors are 1.85 mtr. Others are little over 2 mtr.
  3. After nearly 15K miles with the DOP 850 T-5R it was time to look out for something more suitable for a daily driver for my son. A bit to much mileage on the T-5R for my liking but my son was very happy with the car and I thought would become a struggle to get him out of that car which he adores so much. Not that he never gets to drive the 850 again but with the parts becoming harder to get I think 13.5 K miles in the last year alone on that car is pushing it. Having had my share of P2's I didn't think it was a wise choice to look for those models specially not R models. Lot's of imported cars in my country with high mileage and costly repairs waiting. The P1's appeared to be a better choice. Thing is that in Europe we had a lot of versions of those models. Various diesel versions which were popular in lease and a whole lot of gasoline versions starting with a 1.6 engine. I don't think my son would give up a mildly tuned T-5R for a 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 NA version.. Eventually we ended up with a ten year old V50 T5 6 speed AWD. Car has done 100K miles. Reasonable money but not cheap because those models are rare in my country. Car came with some nice options like NAV which wasn't all that common at the time. Also came with some lesser desired options like silver mirror caps and roof rails. About a week after arrival of the car I had the Volvo dealer perform a check up on the car after which it turned out some minor fixes were needed. The AWD spline was gone.. My son mentioned a sort of snap sound coming from the driveline of the car when he pulled up from a traffic light. This was only once. Think it was the spline giving up. Although new the wrong front rotors were mounted. AWD uses 320 mm rotos and 316 or so were mounted which cause an occasional grinding sound coming from the front brakes. All other were mainly minor ageing defects. In the mean time there was a Simons exhaust fitted all of a sudden.. Turned out my son had ordered it because there was a rattle in the original one. We ordered so Eibach springs and looked at removing the roof rails but the replacement strips are very costly and need painting also so we decided to change that at a later time. Being in the middle of moving to the new house I had the car to the dealer perform the repair of the AWD. While at the dealer there was a same color used V50 on the lot without the roof rails and I jokingly suggested to exchange the parts. Which they did.. At no cost. Great service. My son working as a cleaner at a local paint shop in the weekends painted the mirror caps together with his boss, the painter, and as expected he came to me the other day if he could fit the C70 18" Midir's of mom's C70 which were shelved in the "Shed". These Midir's are wider 8" vs 7.5" for the original P1 Midir's and the ET is 45 instead of 52.5 so I wondered if they would fit but the do although barely at the front. The C70 is a half breed when it comes to platform size. It is basically a P1 with a wider body but not like the P3's which have near similar body width but wider platform size. Anyway, progress so far, Car isn't tuned but there is a larger downpipe mounted so I suspect there has been some kind of tuning on the car in the past. Engine/turbo needs further checkup after which a tuning will be added. New filters and fluids has been done. New TCV also but there is slight overspool on the turbo probably caused by the larger downpipe. Could also be a bad actuator.
  4. Yep. Plus one design radiator which is backordered. The window in the staircase, Was looking for a sort of industrial look. Needs further finishing. About the Polestar.. Unfortunately Volvo in the Netherlands screwed up the registration of the car and didn't manage to deliver the registration plates in time. From what I could find it appears the car received it's licence plate numbers this afternoon after 3 'o clock. Not enough time to get the paperwork back and forth. Needed to produce the plates. Like already mentioned the plates should have arrived last Tuesday but apparently the type approval for this model wasn't ready.
  5. Just throw away those dials and all will be OK.. Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately there are some issues with the registration of the car. Don't know exactly what is wrong but it had something to do with the Certificate of Conformity.. Maybe because it could be the first 2017 Polestar in the country. The licence plates should have arrived last Tuesday but this morning there still wasn't anything in the mailbox. Dealer hopes to deliver the car tomorrow afternoon. If not I guess I have to wait till next Tuesday.. At least I was able to take the car for a spin around the block and so far nothing disappoints. First of all I was very surprised to see a compass in the rear view mirror. Then there was the exhaust sound which way way beyond what I expected. It isn't hauling like the 6 cylinder but has a deep tone to it combined with a Supercharger whine from the front. During mild load sport mode manual shifting the car farts like a VAG .. Luckily not as extreme as for instance the BMW M235i. Can't wait. Hope things work out for the positive tomorrow. Oh.. Because also racecar,
  6. Another month by. Last weekend was the first night sleeping in the new house. About a month ago we have set ourselves a deadline for the first stage of the rebuild for the simple reason that there's always something which can be changed or overhauled. The bathroom took a bit longer because the plaster work caused the room to be very humid and it took about two weeks before the space was dry enough to finish. But the results are something to write about imo.. Saved the original bathroom door, Door handles are temporary. The staircase was rerouted because of the new floor added. A corridor was made but leads only to one bedroom for the time being. This will change when the second part of the floor will be finished in the coming months. The corridor was also made to close out that area while being worked on. The side corridor leading to the master bedroom is finished, The old oak roof supports were left in sight. New isolation was added in between. Picture shows wife and youngest son checking out 4.80 mtr of IKEA cabinets, 18 drawers. For the staircase ceiling an old oak truss was reused. The stairs themselves still need to be finished. Will be made of steel U-profile beams and oak steps. Sort of industrial style. There also a large window added between the stair car and corridor. No pictures of it yet, will post when finished the way I want it to be. The bar area as mentioned is a slow moving project but made some progress. It now basically consists of ideas and trials but the basis is now functional. For lighting I chose Philips HUE. Also for the sons bedrooms and kitchen btw. All of this had me growing a beard in the last 3 months.. In the mean time the car stuff didn't pauze. As mentioned I traded the V40 CE for a Polestar S60 which arrived at the dealer last week, The car is of amazing beauty.. Car will be delivered this coming Friday.
  7. You can tap the hole using M10. Machine a small spacers using partly M10 on the outside, the other half with the proper diameter to suit the coil and tap M6 on the inside. Mount it in the head using an M6 bolt with a nut to drive the M10 thread instead of the M6. Once in release the nut and turn out the bolt and use the part as a mounting boss for the coil. Don't use to much force. Have done several engine's this way and works.
  8. Without sputter I wouldn't even assemble a stock T5 engine.. Try the Glyco/FM sputter 71-3926 STD
  9. It had been slaying a bit to enthusiastically.. Emiel will tell the story.
  10. Emiel's car..
  11. Sort of JIT principle..
  12. Nice work!
  13. This is how the painted tiles turned out, @Hussein, After investigating mods for the V40 it turned out Volvo themselves came with a solution. Beginning of May I ordered a 2017 Polestar S60. The 2.0 4 cylinder version with the 8 speed gearbox. Without a sunroof and White...
  14. Some minor progress.. Most of the paintwork has been done. Bathroom is progressing well but very hard to take nice pictures. Maybe when the lighting is installed I will make an attempt. The bar is partially installed and has a drain and running water. We had to put it to use because the kitchen is being painted at the moment. There is an oak floor underneath and the oak top deck will be installed next week. The kitchen has been teared apart. Kitchen drawers and doors will be sprayed. Tiles received a coating to accept paint. In the mean time there was another development... SD14 has been sold..