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  1. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    That is basically what I did with the Stack dash... 
  2. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

      Used to be a rally car.  Fuel lines were running inside the car. Not a real fan of such a setup.   
  3. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Received some parts for the fuel system overhaul. Also bought a used pump unit from the scrap yard.  Removed the tank from the car including ~45 ltr of fuel. Once out I removed the pump unit but no pump was in there. Obvious because no wires were coming out of it. Exchanged the unit with the one from the yard and emptied the tank while testing the pump while at it.  To mount the new fuel lines I ordered the plastic "line holder cover" or whatever it is called new from Volvo because I couldn't find used parts except damaged ones. A bit of a puzzle because of the battered underside of the car. Also all the threaded mounting studs were missing. Drilled holes and sourced screws which resembled the mounting studs.  And of course a filter,  
  4. Rare Volvo Parts

    The last of FCP's square exhaust tips...    
  5. dougy's 300$ C70

    The journal size might be the same but the cover itself could be slightly shifted on the center pins. Effectively this would make the bore smaller. 
  6. dougy's 300$ C70

    Officially it is not the way no. Maybe bolt the cover on without the cams and check the cam bore just to make sure. Good luck, nice project!
  7. The Rockway Chronicles

    Looks very nice! I love the big stones/bricks. 
  8.   Some nice pictures
  9. But the ATP manifold isn't going to fit an 800 platform car.  In all those years ATP never made an effort to produce a drop in manifold utilising an external wastegate setup.  The version offered for P2 cars simply doesn't fit. Don't know how they came up with that bull. 
  10. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    This winter is extremely mild .. More like autumn.
  11. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    After four months time to do some work on the ex rally project again..  Car needs a fuel system overhaul. What is in the car is a big mess. Ordered new fuel lines and filter. Need to find a way to attach the lines under the car again. Underside of the car took a lot of beating and is slightly out of shape. Also remove the drain pipe called exhaust, For the 242 I have been experimenting with the electronic throttle option of the Link G4 ECU. Turned out the Volvo e-throttle pedal can't be used because it doesn't provide two 5 volt channels. Found a VAG pedal which does.  Volvo uses one 5 volt channel and one 12 volt PWM channel generated from the pedal. The G4 doesn't recognise that setup. Still needs some slight PID tuning but it is up and running.       
  12. OBD1 tuning help

    Oh wow, free tuning??  You only have to read the tuners rejoice thread and you are all set.  Happy tuning!   
  13. Modified R/XC90 manifold, Same mod for the earlier style, M10 threaded.  For the compressor dimensions there are a couple of options as posted earlier.  When using the so called "compact" option the GT3582 should fit like a 3071 without need for clearing the gearbox mount and leaving plenty of room to the firewall.         
  14. GTX35XX can be had with compact housings, OPTIONAL COMPRESSOR HOUSING OPTIONS: * Super Compact GT28RS (T04B frame with 3" inlet, 2" outlet, and NO anti-surge) * Compact T04E Frame (3" inlet, 2" outlet, and NO anti-surge) * Compact GT3076R style T04E frame (4" inlet, 2" outlet, and built-in Anti-Surge) Friend of mine uses a GT3582R which has the same external dimensions as a GT3071. Fits without mods other than the exhaust manifold.   
  15. The Rockway Chronicles

    Nice shed!