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  1. Johann added a post in a topic: How Your Car Sits   

    35º C today .. Pfff
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  2. Johann added a post in a topic: Beusted Silver - The Build Thread   

    Next time machine the groove out. Plenty of material left.


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  3. Johann added a post in a topic: v70: DIY coilovers with OEM struts?   

    Bilstein will lift the car. They suck.
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  4. Johann added a post in a topic: The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    It's not a T-5R. Believe it used to be a dark green GLT (NA). 
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  5. Johann added a post in a topic: The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    A small update of what is going on at Area 34,
    A while ago a friend bought an old 850 rally car and dismantled it. The shell remained and the question was what to do with it. 
    The shell is welded through and there's a roll cage in it but all other it looked like a huge mess. Still a pity to crush it so I took it over to save it from destruction. I received the car without the subframe and front suspension. Used some shelved parts to get it on it's wheels again but the rear brakes, converted to hydraulic parking brake, were sticking.. This is where a crane comes in handy,

    Next up was clearing the mess and removing the stickers,

    Which revealed a body still being in pretty good shape,

    Then there was the engine bay .. A bit more of a mess. 

    Before proceeding I decided to remove everything from the car. Tried to keep the wiring intact as much as possible so a minimal loom can be put together later on.

    Also the dash,

    After cleaning and some welding to the firewall I painted the engine bay in a darker grey colour. 

    Next up is the interior which takes a bit longer.. 
    After removing the dash,

    And heater,

    I'm at this point at the moment,

    There is a lot of paint in the interior which can't be repainted because it will dissolve in new paint and start to crackle...
    Lot of cleaning to do. 
    Future plans for this car are not that thrilling. A bare bones car. Engine bay will receive a 2006 B5244S engine using an older GLT header to fit the 850. Haven't decided on intake yet. The ex SD11 5 speed gearbox will be used. No fancy stuff like LSD for now. Need to source driveshafts. The car came with a dual piston boosterless brake setup with a balancer bar fabricated on the stock brake pedal but it was a sloppy setup so I removed it all and welded back in a mounting plate for a stock brake booster with master cylinder. Stock pedal box will go in. No ABS.
    All other a radiator and a coolant reservoir and that will basically be it. Will try to tuck the wiring as mush as possible. 
    Driver seat. Passenger seat only on donation basis.. 
    Minimal dash. RPM, Speed, Fuel level. 
    All other,
    Stock fuel system. 
    Stock brakes preferable 302's. Maybe try some Big Red knockoffs in the future. 
    17" wheels. 
    Suspension I think will be BC-Racing. 
    Power output estimate somewhere 170-190 HP. 
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  6. Johann added a post in a topic: GT3071R, Is anyone running one?   

    ​Yes. GTX3071 A/R .63 in the video. Also used .82. 
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  7. Johann added a post in a topic: P2 Power steering on a P1   

    S40               544             2004 – 2011
    V50               545             2004 – 2011
    C30               533             2008 – 2013
    C70               542             2006 – 2013
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  8. Johann added a post in a topic: Hydrualic to Solid Lifter Conversion (using hydrualic lifter buckets)   

    I wouldn't trust that construction. Not scientifically explained but mainly between the ears.. 
    Since both the heads, RN vs what you call the N head, are basically the same from a dimensions point of view I think, and I did so with my "SDM" 850, installing RN valve guides and small diameter stem valves makes me feel more at ease. Specially at 9K+ RPM for as far that still makes sense. Be aware that the higher the RPM the more boring the drivetrain behind it will become. Ratio's will be way to long even with the shortest available version. 
    When using different valves different retainers are needed btw. 
    Also blocked the oil passages,
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  9. Johann added a post in a topic: T-5 on a GLT rebuild project from Romania   

    200K is as much for this engine as it is for many other engine's. The wear is present. It's just that the 5 cylinder seems to cope with it a bit better. 
    I would say if you open up the engine replace everything what comes out regarding wear parts. 
    Pretty positive the cylinders show a compression ridge. To clear it boring and honing is needed plus oversized pistons and rings. Rods will probably be replaced with something beefier which means the rods need to come out plus the crank, block split, in which case the crank bearings need replacement because they come out anyway. 
    Reusing the old bearings is a bad idea. 
    Basically a standard overhaul with a few better parts added. 
    For internal/external slave I would say external is easier for maintenance. If internal always use a new slave. Reuse often leaves you with a leaking slave after which the whole gearbox needs to come out again. 
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  10. Johann added a post in a topic: How Your Car Sits   

    Pulled a partial Claymore..

    Twin engine is the new Pegs.. 

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  11. Johann added a post in a topic: Locked Thread, No Content   

    Just an FYI, Back in 2007 max image size for sigs has been set to 600x150 .. That is one image. 
    There is even an example,


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  12. Johann added a post in a topic: singlemass flywheel crankshaft sensor   

    So you are using the 850 motormanagement and wiring with the engine?
    In that case I think you should take a look at the suggested polarity change. Simply swap wires at the loom side. If you have a tool to remove the pins from the connector would even be easier. 
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  13. Johann added a post in a topic: Locked Thread, No Content   

    ​Which you might reconsider btw...
    Takes half a webpage by now.  
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  14. Johann added a post in a topic: Locked Thread, No Content   

    His account has issues also. 
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  15. Johann added a post in a topic: The Chronicles Of Area 55   

    ​No spare tire. There's a repair kit with compressor but the tire was to far gone and blew when attempting to repair it. 
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