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  1. in the top right of the pic..i see two Siennas and a white tundra... those cant be C4C...too new. but everything else...yea.. the lot i bought my C4C vw camper from was the same deal.. lots of really nice cars.. they had a newer '93 vw eurovan MV also in the lot..the guy let me strip it for free LOL he said "take what you want" i was like..ok :lol:
  2. i bought a C4C car before it was clunked it was a VW westfalia poptop camper.. only had 112k original miles and no rust...ran perfect.. worth way more than $4500 so i bought it from the dealer for $4500 off their back lot before they turned the paperwork in... :P
  3. mine still rattles...even with that OEM repair kit.. i am wondering if the V70 tailgates are any quieter..i have one from that '99 xc justin parted out.. need to put it on when i can walk again..
  4. toolbars arent working for me anymore and i cant see my old PM's either.... hmmmm.. i thought the old format was good.. now im confuzuddled as to whats going on
  5. dude, why did u sand it?? i would have just stripped the paint and buffed it w/ compound with a buffing wheel... thats how im doing mine..
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