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  1. wonderful work ! Ben always gets mad when he's like, "wheres your build Chris?" . . . i say im secret . . .lol
  2. i did nothing to mine, cause I'm still waiting to buy it :angry:
  3. realized it was 130 miles away in a garage under a car cover and has less than 5K miles in 1 year :(
  4. http://zymol.com/shop/item.asp?PID=1385&scID=25 fantastic
  5. wow, looking awesome mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that turbo barely fits in there ! what tuning you going with ?
  6. Turbotrix = I got my manifold ported by them, very very good work
  7. VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE FOR N/A I am extremely impressed, nicely done
  8. you car will not function right with the horns not attatched.......... J/K ! they will be fine, you just won't have a horn !
  9. why are you selling all this stuff? are you gonna buy my car ?
  10. ahhh, 850 Turbo AWD , auto or manual ?
  11. I agree. There was a RIP kit though, so makes me wonder what other things were done.
  12. the actual numbers for that car was 267 whp and 296 wtq so stage 3, i didn't really look at the video too long, but 18T,down pipe,exhaust,rip kit, some other stuff done also yeilded 267 with a MANUAL maybe with R manifold, intercooler you can get 280 to the wheels with a manual auto will obviously dyno a tad lower http://www.ipdusa.biz/dyno/