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  1. wonderful work ! Ben always gets mad when he's like, "wheres your build Chris?" . . . i say im secret . . .lol
  2. i did nothing to mine, cause I'm still waiting to buy it :angry:
  3. realized it was 130 miles away in a garage under a car cover and has less than 5K miles in 1 year :(
  4. http://zymol.com/shop/item.asp?PID=1385&scID=25 fantastic
  5. wow, looking awesome mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that turbo barely fits in there ! what tuning you going with ?
  6. Turbotrix = I got my manifold ported by them, very very good work
  7. VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE FOR N/A I am extremely impressed, nicely done
  8. you car will not function right with the horns not attatched.......... J/K ! they will be fine, you just won't have a horn !
  9. why are you selling all this stuff? are you gonna buy my car ?
  10. ahhh, 850 Turbo AWD , auto or manual ?
  11. I agree. There was a RIP kit though, so makes me wonder what other things were done.
  12. the actual numbers for that car was 267 whp and 296 wtq so stage 3, i didn't really look at the video too long, but 18T,down pipe,exhaust,rip kit, some other stuff done also yeilded 267 with a MANUAL maybe with R manifold, intercooler you can get 280 to the wheels with a manual auto will obviously dyno a tad lower http://www.ipdusa.biz/dyno/
  13. is 350 WTQ = 475 NM to the wheels ?
  14. nice job on getting a dyno done have the graph ? ? ?
  15. and then we go to the video silver - LPT red - HPT i think both boosting the same, but Joe and Jesse would know best http://videos.streetfire.net/search/volvo+...e0030f05586.htm
  16. exactly, to show differences using the dyno, yes sounds good, using the dyno to show that you have 400 whp with just a chip and downpipe, then i find that wrong
  17. if people are running unplugged wastegates, who cares, let them, if they feel its fast, let them do it all dynos aren't created equal, so what if ones higher then the other, we can at least judge then what is a approx. hp rating from the dyno a fast spooling turbo and sticky tires develop fast 60 foot times I am ranting and don't car :lol:
  18. theres this 1997 850R for sale I know of 150,000 on odometer, but only 30,000 on engine, 10,000 on trans, and 8,000 on turbo at 22 psi dynoed at 330 WHP 350 WTQ and is getting it tuned again in October for more hp (24 or 26 psi) Suspension and Brakes Engine Stabilizer Mount iPD Strut Brace PBR Pads Powerslot Rotors Shocks & Struts by Bilstein Sport Springs by TME Zimmerman 302 mm Cross Drilled Exterior 1998 Volvo V70R Wheels Blacked Out Grille Interior Autometer Boost Gauge Carbon Fiber Shift Knob And Parking Brake Lever iPD Pillar Pod Misc BFG G-Force T/A
  19. that engine would out flow the turbo at just 5 psi after 3000 rpm, do some compressor map calculating any dyno graphs on 18T at 20 psi so I can compare to the other 18T done by Marco?
  20. Realistically, 13G - 19 psi 15G - 18 psi 20G - 13 psi GT35R - 10 psi and the blocks are good for 550, but the rods and pistons aren't good for it all jokes aside, what do you want to do with your car? hp wise . . .
  21. and run an external ? welding the gate shut wouldn't be the brightest idea, unless you were joking, then :lol:
  22. Cool little PDF you got there. Well I heard that just some are 7 and others 6. But either way, 300 whp with a bigger turbo.