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  1. Oh shit, I forgot all about that. Yay USD!
  2. They're just a little out of true.
  3. The plan is to weave it into my beard and make a super bun.
  4. Sunday's ride: Rode the first 2 hours in rain/wet. Fun day!
  5. Me? There aren't any Smith dealers around here.
  6. Wheel truck was right behind us, thankfully. I don't ride with anything but food, water, cell, and wallet in a race. Every gram counts! You are pretty fucked if you end up off the back, so I made sure not to catch any more flats. Suffered during the crit:
  7. Shit! That first mountain looks steep! Looks like you spent most of the day on ascents! Was it 'fun'? I got about half that much climbing in 64mi today. Double flatted on the first lap of my race, rode 50mi solo so that I could keep competing in the other events. Fucking sucked.
  8. That's a sexy bike! Hope it finds a good home. Have you thought about posting it on Online Swap Meet?
  9. Stock tires are almost always shitty. Anything will be an improvement.
  10. Of course we sword fought - how else do you think we determine who was the faster of the 2 men?
  11. First race back since my injury. Took 3rd place with my team mate in a 2-man TT!
  12. Post pics when you get something!
  13. I am in great shape with long hair. I accept my likeness.
  14. Paint was old, faded, peeling (down to the carbon in a few spots) and the drive side seat stay was cracked. For my birthday (back in January), my girlfriend surprised me and got all my friends to donate money to get the bike repainted. Ended up costing a couple of bucks, but between the paint and repair, was still cheaper than a new aluminum road bike. But most importantly, it's a VS relevant post - that's my old car's color, Volvo Aqua Blue Metallic (paint code 431).
  15. Cameron, my buddy just got your All City. It's got red cable housing with a few other super tiny red accents. Really came out great. As for bike pics, my buddy sent me this teaser today...
  16. I always describe carbon wheels as crack for your bike. It will literally fiend for speed.
  17. Hey, you went with carbon wheels! How do you like the Enves? They seem to be the choice for bigger/stronger riders. Also, how long is the stem?! 130mm?
  18. My buddy took this pic at Flanders!
  19. I am guilty of using tailwinds to get KOMs.
  20. I would say 95%. I broke 100 miles for the week! 17 -> 45 -> 70 -> 100 Taking it easy this week and going to ease back into training. Early season is going to suck, but I've got aspirations for some July and early August races.
  21. I'm catching up in mileage! Unfortunately, I've got to drive at least two hours to try and mimic that elevation.
  22. My next road bike is going to have a Rock Shox. /sarcasm