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    So the car got hit tonight. Nothing horrible, but the entire passenger side corner of the bumper is scuffed, both grey plastic and the painted part. I also noticed later that the taillight tint is scuffed and the light is now cracked. It's all so insignificant though, that I didn't even bother to do anything about it. I just let the guy go. The one comment that's stuck in my head though is, "You look pissed man." He just hit my car, which - modifications alone - is worth more than his truck, and I seem upset.
    This has forced me to confront the fact that my car needs to be painted. The issue is, would it be worth painting it? We all like to think our cars are race/show cars, but when it comes down to it, most are just clean daily drivers. With people as ignorant as the guy who hit me on the road, is it even possible to keep my car's exterior in good condition?
    Ironically, I wasn't even in the city. This happened in the suburbs...go figure.