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Status Updates posted by BurgerBob

  1. Destroying my fingers is becoming a December tradition.

  2. Dear professors, I do not want a course syllabus for Christmas (especially not before Christmas). Love, Patrick

  3. Son of a oh yeah!. The Hobbit was good.

  4. That feel when your essay is so bad you don't even want to proof it.

  5. "There ain't no way of telling what a man is by looking at him. There ain't no way of knowing what he'll do if he has the chance. You think maybe you can remember that?"

  6. Happy you can all go monkey yourselves.

  7. Mark poking Kozelek is playing the Circle Bar in December!

  8. Potato chips for breakfast sounds like a good idea.

  9. Living in the sunlight, laughing in the moonlight, having a wonderful time.

  10. Way down south we got some Jambalaya.

  11. Wesley Willis has a song in Super Size Me. The world is in order.

  12. My nipples are chafed, it must be Summer.

  13. Never want to see a crusty again.

  14. This men looking oh yeah! GURL go kill yo self jocking my page tlking bout she make 27;000 a yr fb really but the oh yeah! gat on ed hardly add this hoe so yall can tell me if yall think she cashing out her name iz thinking about it and it fill good the new me poped oh yeah!

  15. I just sold a $3 comic for $46. This is what winning feels like.

  16. monkey you too, Wednesday.

  17. Fuck you too, Wednesday.

  18. "The stuff is not the stuff. The pigeon is the stuff."

  19. Well Sleep, we had a fun week.


  21. An obese kid just made fun of me for...exercising?

  22. Saw Alcest - died and went to Deafheaven.

  23. We've known each other for so long. You know the rules and so do I.

  24. Math midterm tomorrow and Cramster won't load answers........monkey