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  1. 16 hours ago, flyfishing3 said:

    we actually ended up going shorter and with one less major climb.   The weather was moving in and we didn't want to get caught out.


    so if  you flat in a race, is there sag support? or you changing yourself on side of the road, and i can't imagine have 2 tubes with me.  i ride with only 1


    Wheel truck was right behind us, thankfully. I don't ride with anything but food, water, cell, and wallet in a race. Every gram counts!

    You are pretty fucked if you end up off the back, so I made sure not to catch any more flats.

    Suffered during the crit:

    tour de la - cat 4 - 2016.jpg

  2. Shit! That first mountain looks steep! Looks like you spent most of the day on ascents! Was it 'fun'?

    I got about half that much climbing in 64mi today. Double flatted on the first lap of my race, rode 50mi solo so that I could keep competing in the other events. Fucking sucked.

  3. Paint was old, faded, peeling (down to the carbon in a few spots) and the drive side seat stay was cracked. For my birthday (back in January), my girlfriend surprised me and got all my friends to donate money to get the bike repainted. Ended up costing a couple of bucks, but between the paint and repair, was still cheaper than a new aluminum road bike.

    But most importantly, it's a VS relevant post - that's my old car's color, Volvo Aqua Blue Metallic (paint code 431).

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