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  1. Hey now, Sram's great if we're not talking about front derailleurs.
  2. Worked the feed zone for my team at Rouge Roubaix this year.
  3. I actually rode like 20-30min today. Going to physical therapy trying to get things sorted out. Diagnosis is a strained ligament in the knee, likely due to uneven muscle development. Been working on flexibility and strength and should be back to real time on the bike in a few weeks. As for the Trek...it's a fucking blast. 1:2.14 gearing, big tires, nice drop. Fits like a road bike, handles terrain like a mountain bike. And it's older Trek, so it's got the nice OX steel frame.
  4. I'm so fucking lost with all the Mitsu mail delivery comments.
  5. Don't illegally park in handicap spaces.
  6. Honestly, I think Kevin's the resident expert on salad tossing.
  7. I imagine snack oil is the grease left behind after you eat all the potato chips in the bag.
  8. So, I've obviously never dropped $10k on a bike. But I ride a Look 695SR with full Campy Super Record and carbon wheels, which was $10k+ new. It's noticeable. That being said, working at a shop, I rode a lot of road bikes. I can tell the difference between a $500 mtn bike and an S-Works mtn bike, but I don't think I could tell the difference between two high end ones. Unless you're immersed in a particular environment, those super expensive bikes won't seem much nicer than normally expensive one.
  9. Having no experience personally, I'm going to recommend K-edge. Stellar reputation for rock solid mounts (and the price matches that). Otherwise, I like Barfly mounts.
  10. Yeah, I really only had the one crazy week, then - poof - knee problems. Probably should've taken some time off after the crash, but wanted to get ready for Rouge Roubaix. Oh well. And remember, even if I log big miles, you typically climb more in one ride than I do in one week. If we had hills, my mileage would be way smaller (or I'd be way stronger).
  11. I'm off the bike now (knee problems), but did successfully get the power meter going. Threshold power was 240watts, putting me around 3.3watts/kg. I need to lose some weight and gain some strength, but it's a fun training tool. I definitely enjoy riding with one.
  12. Cycling is so dramatic. http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/van-den-driessches-friend-claims-ownership-of-motorised-bike/
  13. Enve is great, but I'm running some Thomson carbon bars and I love them. Very very happy with my decision to buy them.
  15. So this is the last turn of Rouge Roubaix...
  16. Nah man, that's the 'burbs! I can't even imagine the rates in New Orleans.
  17. My insurance finally dropped last year. Before that, I left State Farm when my rate went to $2500/year, which works out to about $205/month. That's one truck, full coverage.