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  1. I was just being sarcastic! Greg's doing just great. Here, I got him a gold star.
  2. Super weird. UPS gave me a problem with beer once, so I resorted to FedEx. Anyway, everyone but Greg, pat yourselves on the back for a great 2015 Secret Santa gift swap.
  3. Yeah, I like the singles at my bike shop, but wasn't going to buy multiple different low value torque wrenches for $20-25 a pop. Easier to do the one.
  4. Are you volunteering? Wow, tell us how you really feel.
  5. I'd love to see you two get greased up and wrestle each other. Wait what?
  6. Haha, you can't get away from Craftsman accessories! Looks like a great haul.
  7. I don't have a horse in this race, but I had to fix that.
  8. Here's to hoping it's not another POS Jet Ski!
  9. You should have a gift before the New Year!
  10. Uhhh, wrong thread. I'll find out what's up. Hey, your SS wants to know if you meant to type "gifts?" Because you should've gotten two things.
  11. Merry Christmas everybody! Hope everyone has their presents.
  12. http://cyclingtips.com/2016/01/data-dump-2015-strava-insights-reveal-cycling-landscape-across-united-states/ LOUISIANA IS THE FASTEST, SUCK IT BOYS