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  1. I actually thought about that, but I preferred the random approach.
  2. Ha! I keep an 11/28 cassette on my road bike for basic training. We don't have climbing in New Orleans, but there's always wind!
  3. Biggest personal climb today: 1000ft! And guess what Fly Mike! I did it on a 53/39 (and hated myself for it, spent the whole climb in 39:28 or 39:26).
  4. Hopefully it doesn't suck as much as that shit beer selection. Ugh, it's like you raided a Winn Dixie.
  5. Guys, I'm out of town with super sporadic internet access. If you've got any problems/questions you can message me, but I can't promise that I'll respond quickly. My SS has long received his gifts, according to tracking info. Hope he likes them!
  6. Damn, this is a pretty good deal on Ultegra 6800. https://www.merlincycles.com/shimano-ultegra-6800-special-offer-groupset-87898.html
  7. Remember, don't give anyone your animals in the gift exchange.
  8. I'm strong, but the real credit goes to the 20+mph tailwind.
  9. Got a KOM today on a segment I didn't create! Made my weekend!
  10. For reference, I rode past the famous (infamous) Oak Alley plantation today. It was pretty cool to ride past a couple of really pretty plantations, but it also sucks that some of the best sights on the ride are landmarks of slavery.
  11. Nice! Had a great 57-mile ride with some new people. Absolute monsters. Got dropped and started feeling like a pussy, but then I realized I'd been riding on about 20psi (front tire) and had a piece of wire sticking out of my tire. Fun day!
  12. More than one company has done a 'bare' carbon race frame at this point.
  13. Just quote everything he says and manually add the words. Way cheaper + ad lib is super duper family fun.
  14. I'll let you know whether or not they suck.
  15. Yeah, the rep ranking is pretty bogus. Scum Mike ranked above me. Yeah fucking right.
  16. Received! Thanks Michael! I don't really read The Oatmeal, but this stuff is great! I'm really stoked about the socks! Edit: Oh shit! I started reading about "The Blerch." Fucking amazing. What a bad ass, on point gift. Note: the sunglasses aren't mine, but they were too snazzy not to include in the picture! Now take note motherfuckers, that's how you do a received gift post. If you feel like you need to say something negative, we already have threads for bitching about stuff. If you get in this thread and start bitching about your present, everyone in this thread is encour
  17. Actually, nope. I've got most of what I need there. I want a Garmin 810, or Rapha bibs, or Black Sheep Cycling bibs, or Volvo bike stuff, or a better Time Trial bike, or all of that stuff. Or whatever.
  18. I've got to be honest, I don't think the world really cares about him.