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  1. I want you to know that it took an absurd amount of self control not to randomly select myself as your SS recipient.
  2. My tried and true method is to search the user's post history and find defining characteristics/interests. Unless you got some shithead - just send them a turd.
  3. Read this and thought, "I can help!" Went and double checked who your SS is...you're on your own!
  4. Local Volvo dealer is also a Dodge dealer, I'm sure there's been some cross contamination. I mean, look at my truck.
  5. True that - saw all kinds of stuff working in a shelter. There were always 'problem' dogs - dogs that were the sweetest thing imaginable when you got them on a walk, but would lose their shit around something inexplicable, i.e. a small dog, big dog, cage, car, men, women, etc. Just had to be patient and try to work around whatever issue they had, hoping it didn't come up and result in someone/something getting bit.
  6. We all know how lost you'd be without fucking assholes.
  7. What is it with you and men's balls? See guys, I told you Mike had some experience riding bears.
  8. Timo, is this the book you were telling me you just bought?
  9. You ought to see him ride a bear. I know you live in Cali and all, but Mike has years of riding (and being ridden by) bears under his belt.
  10. Just a small development - Apeacock is out. I haven't been able to get in touch with him at all. He's not actually a supporting member and he hasn't responded to multiple messages, so Secret Santa moves on!
  11. I'm expecting my threshold to hover around 4-500 watts. What kind of numbers were you putting down? I'm sure it's no small amount!
  12. Well, I finally bit the bullet.
  13. If anyone needs help picking out something for Rboy, he probably needs industrial amounts of lubricant.
  14. I've got all the addresses but one - you should all have messages with addresses for your Secret Santas! Please shoot me a message if you have any questions. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Remember, your gift needs to arrive by December 25th. If there's any problem, let me know.
  15. http://www.memphishightailers.com/content.aspx?page_id=2&club_id=631861
  16. Fixed But really, let me know if you need advice on places to ride.