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  1. Hi All, In the UK we use a letter syst5em to denote which year a car was reginstered in. our old style until september 2001 was a letter for example P denoting august 1st 1996 until july 31st 1997. then followed by upto 3 numbers and then three leeters two were the area of the country and a checksum. P 999 ABC Now we still have 7 alphga characters making ourt registration up or tag plates to you but there are now arrange around a twice yearly change SO a car registered from Spetember 1st 2006 will be a 56 but if it was registered ealry in the year from March 1st until august 31 it would be a 06 thats a Zero 6. ZZ 56 ZZZ first two ZZ are the area of the country and the last two are unique hope that helps MArk
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