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  1. Hi all, So the situation is that the driver door barrel doesn’t operate the door lock at all just moving backwards and forwards. So I’ve had to use the boot and for the alarm and dead locks use the passenger door so I know the actuators are all working including the drivers door. I can open my door by the pull on my drivers door and am able to lock using the door pin. So my question is the issue with the barrel or somewhere in between there and the pull or actuator? Thanks,
  2. Hi All, In the UK we use a letter syst5em to denote which year a car was reginstered in. our old style until september 2001 was a letter for example P denoting august 1st 1996 until july 31st 1997. then followed by upto 3 numbers and then three leeters two were the area of the country and a checksum. P 999 ABC Now we still have 7 alphga characters making ourt registration up or tag plates to you but there are now arrange around a twice yearly change SO a car registered from Spetember 1st 2006 will be a 56 but if it was registered ealry in the year from March 1st until august 31 it would be a 06 thats a Zero 6. ZZ 56 ZZZ first two ZZ are the area of the country and the last two are unique hope that helps MArk
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