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  1. I can't see at work the pictures no come up I am currently porn stash'd up tho! so I hope I look like Miami Vice with a brick in the lock box of the Benz
  2. Don't lie to me... I'm almost jelly but I call minikitti a honeybadger anyways so sooo I just did this thing called "reading" and noticed you said nickname... sadness
  3. Nope but 1st sounds meh... 2nd is okay... but shit you already skipped one might as well make it what you want.
  4. Honeybadger Esquire the VII'th IDK if the Esquire goes before or after the VII'th bu yea rock that
  5. We have discussed a whole over yonder trip... timbo & I just need to invest in some blueblockers and make magic happen... plus I need to get my first plane trip out the way, thought it would be out to Timbo-fornia but turns out it's to the cocaine capital aka Miami...
  6. here in upstate new york we know a thing or 10 about trees... plus we have a lot in common... I'm hard / they are hard They burn / I ... went to space camp If you chop them with an axe they fall / me too everyone loves a good hardwood
  7. bish you creepin? we discussed this... I wanna climb a mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain mountainnnnnn
  8. TIMBO... I'm awake!!!!! damn diesel... hahaha
  9. no one peeped me on my trip to Boston... sad panda... But I will say on the ride home an 850 Turbo hopped on the highway and I passed it... it caught up then gave me the thumbs up & went to juice it... so I plopped a bitch in third & womp womp vroom vroom... then we just cruised doing 80 until I had to pee & stuff
  10. It's cool maybe he can tune down sarcasm too Lucky & I talk about what I want out of it & how I plan on doing it, Then lucky uses his computer witchcraft which I don't know. We air five like an anchorman scene and I plug a new computer in my car. Seeing as we have done this between ever to every other year now since owning the car I can honestly say I have never been disappointed. In terms of the greens just like I said... if anything else get's done to the car, I will need them. Safety factor because I get impulsive some times on car parts
  11. I'm getting a tune. Sorry about that because I just left it at "with some other things" which included the tune. I have an appointment tomorrow with Lucky where we will be going over everything else that I plan on having done to the car. Obviously after that I will know 100% if they are going to go in or sit on a shelf until the day I decide for a larger turbo... I guess I should have gone into a bit more detail with my plans
  12. They will be dialed back for now. At the price I got them I figured pick em up. My philosophy of upgrades is to more or less have everything necessary to just slap on a bigger turbo, get a re-tune & be on my way without a care in the world. Short of WMI I'm not sure I can do much else without really getting into things. I am curious to see how far I am taking / have taken the 16T. As good as the car runs, I plan on it staying that way for a year or two performance wise. Financially I need to spend my money elsewhere. Volvo wise I need to get a rear sway & some larger brakes before I even contemplate upgrading the turbo. So on that bombshell... haha
  13. Sorry for the largeness haha... but yea got some of these bitches. They are headed to Lucky to be cleaned & rebuilt and then into my car............ with some other things haha. Woop woop to my 16T's on Greens haha
  14. this is almost 2 years ago but I also haven't had the time to actually take the day to do all 5 steps like I do... so some day it will look like this again. Hopefully soonish now that I'm situated at my new place. That was with only clay & astroshield... long before my 7424XP days
  15. Don't worry... I'm good for life probably... I love the stuff so much that I bought a 6'er back when I had a local finisher supply order it for me on the last batch... It was funny though because I walked in at age 21 and asked for that and they looked at me like... how the fuck does this kid know what this stuff even is? So we got to talking and he was ordering the last batch (literally last batch ever) and he let me take 1/2 a case at cost. I don't foresee myself running out any time soon, or ever $28.50!!! HOLY SHIT... I could make a quick hundo if that shit actually sells... yea I got lucky & paid 13.50 a pop
  16. Rocking through the junkyard to grab a few bolts & a speaker... looked left & my mother fucking color Jeep just chillin eying me down. 3 dudes were working on it so I asked... are you taking the hood or fender? They said no and in 15 minutes I had that shit off heading home... After 17 months or something whatever its been fucking forever, I finally have a solid color Jeep again!!! I have to remove pin striping all around now though because its black/silver versus gold/silver. Only bad thing was there was a quarter spot of rust as you can see on the front of where the fender flare mounts. All that's left is for me to re-align the fender to make it better, hang the fender flare, then buff that shit up!!! Talk about random good luck! And once it's all cleaned up & fresh looking, that shit is for sale woo woo /
  17. I have pinnacle series stuff, Griots (which I did not like the workability of the glaze) and some old school late 80s shit which I love dearly. Usually it goes like this wash with dish soap clay swirly remover polish 1980's OG, OG Triple OG "wax" Seeing as you can't buy it anymore... I'll show it (the are coming out with it again under new ownership, same name, almost chemically identical) The last step is to seal it up & give it something to wear versus your fresly detailed paint & clear coat...
  18. Tried to get some new audio of my car the other day
  19. No haha my credit score is amazing... over 800 haha. I have no intention of selling the Volvo, I just have wanted a S80 V8 AWD for a while... One popped up at Hudson Valley Volvo about a month ago. One owner, bought & serviced @ Hudson Valley and traded back in there. It had like a little over 100K on it but it was in amazing condition and like I said, all the service records. Realizing that they will start getting traded in & available to reasonable prices made me want to figure out my finances. The last year between getting laid off after 4 years in Elmira then the whole hemorrhaging money to move to CT then getting fucked over kinda put a damper on "where I thought I'd be right now". Nothing drastic here, just decided it's not going to cost me any more to to pay off things in full versus just keep making the payments. I am hoping some time around next winter or the following spring to go out & get myself that S80 V8 that I have been drooling over. The fact that the T5 is 16 years old and my "other vehicle" is a Jeep that had been T-boned made me want to get a DD that was reliable & dependable. Don't worry, there is no Acura or Nissan that appeals to me enough that I'd want to drive it every fucking day haha. I will say that my buddy scooped up a 2006 ish Acura TL Type-S and it's mighty nice... not my cup of tea but he's been a Honda guy his whole life and he loves it. I'm basically trying to do that minus the Acura part, more Volvo'y. The whole reason I said that I wish banks never told you what the most they could give you, is because after they told me my mind went from "pay off some debts" to "fuck man I should have just bought my S80 V8 already had I known this" aha. Hard part is I intentionally stopped driving the Jeep for about 5-6 weeks because I hadn't had time to drop the oil & some other things... the longer I didn't drive it the more I was okay with selling it & just driving the Volvo on my 13 mile commute to the office. Bad part is I decided to drive it a few days ago & I remember why I love Cherokees... fucking tanks. The Jeep needs a few things to get it where "I like my vehicles" but I have been uber limited on time and I currently don't want that stress. In terms of S80 V8s I want literally every option available and I even thought about selling my Jeep to get a clean (not T-boned, tri-colored) cherokee and rocking it for an additional year to save up that much extra coin so I can find the cleanest most optioned out V8 there is & be happy... my motto is buy exactly what you want because otherwise you waste the same amount of money if not more getting the things you initially tried to "save money" by passing on them If you fly out to NY to caress my balls I'd feel like the queen of England
  20. I'm a fan of them. It's not like you can suddenly see without turning your head like the exorcist but in heavy traffic they are very nice because there is always that one D-bag that doesn't use signals and feels the need to do a Kobe no look pass from 3 lanes away. Plus I like the questions that people always ask me. It didn't take me long to get used to but every time my pops is in the car he's like "I can't fucking take those mirrors man" and then I remind him "you're fucking old bro you don't know bout dat euro life brahhh" I purchased a large bank loan... so every month when my payments are due I will be sure to re-post here... banks should never tell you what the "max" they can loan you is, they should just ask how much you want and say yes or no. I had a great idea in my head & decided to check out some loan bullshit. Then they told me how much they would willingly give me, then I didn't want to do the smart thing with only some of the money, I wanted to go to a dealership and just nut out some cash on a new caaaaa
  21. #13 was the part that was floppy cocking around. #14 & 15 was the bolt / nut that I tightened. #16 & 17 are the ones I would also like to check. If anyone is familiar with these please let me know as I am curious if they are splined. I have yet to actually pull / remove them but if the bolts @ #14 & 15 were loose I'm afraid rough road conditions & excessive force on a loose connection could have possibly stripped / worn down the splines causing it to slip or rotate. Again, it does feel much tighter steering wise now and honestly I LOVE it... perhaps this is just something that needs to be observed with higher mileage vehicles when people think that their steering is "loose". I hope I will have a chance to look over this a bit more in depth and see what happens. Side note: If my car drives straight, is this possibly a way to straighten the steering wheel a few degrees that it is off? Places by me are retarded when it comes to alignments. The put the car on the rack, straighten the wheel then re-align the tie rods to re-center it. This method is fine unless you possibly have a scenereo like I stated above where the steering input shaft may have rotated on it's own & now there is excessive thread on one tie rod & minimal thread on the other depending what they needed to do regarding alignment. I have talked with Ben in the past about how nice it would be to disconnect the entire system, center the steering rack perfectly, then center the wheel & correct. If I have a chance to get on my buddies 2 post lift again I will do what I do with my Jeep & count the rotations it takes to go from lock to lock & see if my wheel itself has actually moved or what. Daymnnn I've been dropping some knowledge lately, mom would be proud
  22. mine isn't a clunk... it's felt in the wheel as if it were a clunk. Imagine feeling a worn inner tie rod through the steering wheel. It felt similar to that I guess due to the play in the steering shaft or whatever it's called. VIDA doesn't show our steering system properly. It shoes 2 "joints" where as there is one outside next to the firewall, one inside next to the firewall & 1 at the back of the steering column. Sooo yea trying to figure out replacement or if the unit is splined / possibly stripped I have no idea until I take shit apart... 100% not the subframe bushings. I have literally checked & spec'd everything. The only thing that might resemble some subframe bushing would be your sway bar bushing because it wears out on the bottom where a slit is like the IPD ugrade ones and as the force goes down it pushes them apart & you start hitting the subframe itself
  23. tightened up the steering U-joint / knuckle thing at the footwell... wondering why I have had this "clunk" feel when I make sharp turns @ low speeds... checked everything about 100x and even replaced me control arms & end links. Helped tighten things up but still had the damn clunk & some vibration through the steering wheel. I don't know what made me look down there because I have never had the "squeak" that people complain about and have to grease but when I stuck my hand down there BOOM shit was loose. Not like U-joint loose but straight up floppy cock from the steering shaft that travels through the firewall... shit blew my mind. Checked all the bolts around the U-jointy bushing thing shit and they were snug but where the clamp goes to whatever the name of the steering shaft is called was just swinging around like a dick in the breeze (it was connected just not snug) as you will see if photobucket ever finishes loading my fucking video. Took it out for a drive & my steering feels MUCH tighter now, I feel compelled to check the other clamp at the opposite end in the engine bay located by the firewall. I am trying to find images of what the clamp & shaft look like because it might also explain why my car pulls right yet the steering wheel is about 15 degrees off to the left. If it were loose, low speed turns that put excessive force on the steering shaft could have caused it to slightly rotate overtime. Or... my car is like zoolander & isn't an ambiturner. Anyone ever have some shit like this happen before? The bolt wasn't loose loose but I got maybe a 1/2 to 3/4 turn out of it. Tried for more but not exaclty the easiest place to access with anything larger than a 1/4" ratchet (hoe). Photobucket is still sucking todays dick so a video will eventually follow