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  1. Hi It's year 2007 ,Volvo S60-T5 , K24 turbocharger ...what is the flow rate (lph) of original Volvo fuel pump? If go for remap ecu, How much power/bhp could the original fuel pump and blue injectors support? I think blue injectors is 395cc For exhaust, is it okay with this temporary setup : - 3" downpipe - 2.5" sport cat - and after the to use original S60-T5 piping together with resonator and muffler Will this creates high back pressure or any other problem ? If not mistaken, the original S60-T5 piping, resonator and muffler use 2.25" size Another question, is it true that ECU will adapt and save the driving pattern? My car feel sluggish in 1st and 2nd gear . I never pull hard during 1st and 2nd gears. Usually i speed up when it's in 3rd gear. Many thanks
  2. Thanks What about the ecu that already done remap tuning? Can fit adjustable fuel regulator to get well balanced AFR after the remap?
  3. Hi Finally my S60 runs fine. I was ignorance before. Such simple jobs i.e cleaning ETM, pcv breather system, cleaning intake manifold, all new small hoses, and plastic intake pipe to turbocharger.... No more erratic idling and jerking. Turbocharger spools smoothly . Do you know sir the original S60-T5 2.4 fuel pump pressure flow? Currently using Deatschwerk 255 lp/h. Since my S60-T5 mods is using 2.0T fuel rail with no fuel pressure sensor (fps) , can i use adjustable fuel pressure regulator to smooth out fuel pressure? Thanks
  4. Hello Anyone know what are fuel pump flow in lp/h for S60-T5 (2.4 with K24 turbo) and S60R ? Thanks
  5. Thanks Tomorrow will pick up the car. Hope all are okay.
  6. Thank you The culprit is the plastic intake hose...the one from MAF to turbocharger. The end side which connects to turbocharger is crack. I asked the mechanic to clean the Bosch ETM and pcv breather system. The Pcv tank itself is okay, just need to buy complete piping for pcv breather system. Also will change hoses to TCV and any other small hoses
  7. Yes sir. Remap/tune stage 2. Yes...the tune is to harmonize the engine, turbo, injectors , boost limit and air fuel ratio . The tuner inspect the K24 turbocharger(still okay) and he offer to upgrade using green injectors to up some more power. Other than morning hard start and erratic idling, the car running fine Unfortunately today, the car has new problem. While in bumper to bumper traffic jam, the boost meter go up and down...then engine die. I restart back , engine come to life with 1 crank and the car move again, then it die again. After talking with several S60 owners and the mechanic , he decided to change all small hoses at intake pipe, tcv hose, all vacuum hoses, check intercooler plastic pipe over the engine, clean the ETM and pcv tank. If all these don't cure the sudden engine die...mechanic will proceed to new fuel pump or maybe change new ETM . It use Bosch ETM Hopefully fuel pump and ETM still good. Thanks
  8. So, i need to do remap and tune again? Thanks
  9. Thanks bro Any advice for morning hard start and erratic idling?
  10. Thanks. Currently the T5 2.4 use factory spec injectors , which is white, i think the white injectors is 395 cc. As for fuel rail, the car is using 2.0T fuel rail. As for 255 lph fuel pump, i don't think it causing rich fuel mixture. The remap/tune should get 300bhp/400nm according to tuner. Need to do dyno to get exact figures. With the tuned, i can feel the car is much powerful compared to original spec 260bhp/350nm. The narrow band lambda AFR read normal
  11. Hi My 2006 S60-T5 was involved in bad accident. The engine fortunately still okay. I bought a 2007 S60-2.0T then I asked my mechanic to transplant the T5 2.4 engine into newer 2007 S60. My fault, i just leave the car for 1 month without updating transplant jobs. I just blindly trust the mechanic He transplant the T5 2.4 engine, but sadly he use S60 2.0T wiring, ecu, tcu , fuel rail and 2.0T automatic transmission that don't have semi auto shift and only have STC. (The T5 2.4 use DSTC). Injectors is white from T5 2.4 and also retain K24 turbocharger Part of mods...He added 3" turbo downpipe and high flow 2.5" cat, 2.5" cat back exhaust system, front mount intercooler, engine oil cooler and Deatschwerk 255 lph fuel pump. Then he sent the car for stage 2 tuning by using 2.0T ecu and tcu . The power is good. But unfortunately and sadly, the transplant job suffering permanent hard start and jumpy idling. I need to buy Ultragauge OBD meter to reset error code every time to start the car. The mechanic said the hard start and erratic idling maybe because of using 2.0T fuel rail that has no Fuel Pressure Sensor and due to rich fuel because using 255 lph fuel pump. I love this car. Do u guys have advise to eliminate hard start and erratic idling? Many thanks