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  1. Hi Regarding1998, V70-T5, the 240ps version, automatic transmission How strong are the rods and pistons? Are they forged from factory? After do top overhaul and fresh stage 0 service, with 16T, white injectors (350cc i guess) , with a remap, could it hold 300bhp safely (bhp at engine,not at wheel) ? 16T can max safely to what bhp and boost ? What is cfm value for 16T ? is it true 19T is known for con rods bend? if true,what factor people call 19T as rod bender? is it because of very fast spool? any suggestions of other turbos for 300bhp? 18T , 19T, 20T or K24 ? Thank
  2. nik77

    940 intercooler

    Hi guys For original spec 940 FT intercooler, what maximum power and boost it can handle? I have 15G turbo, Rica chips and manual boost controller To be realistic, i want to upgrade to 200bhp only, due to old engine and to preserve reliability. Could the original intercooler hold 0.9 - 1 bar? Lastly, could 13C turbo be upgrade/hybrid to 15G spec ? Many thanks
  3. Hi to club members For V50-T5 with 230ps, year 2009, front wheel drive. Need some information about : injectors cc fuel pump lph K04 part number Read somewhere, with stage 1 tune, it could produce 250bhp and 400nm. With this stage 1 tune, could the original intercooler, injectors and fuel pump withstand the increased power? If to retain using original intercooler, could i use Snow Performance water methanol injection to complement original intercooler ? In my place, ambient temperature range between 36c to 38c. Can feel the performance reduce, maybe due to heat soak. I think
  4. Hi guys. Merry Christmas Car is year 2007, S60-2.0T , code engine B5204T5. Power is 180bhp and 240nm. Original turbo is 12T. Auto transmission is 5 speed, AW 55-51, without semi auto gear shift. Quite difficult to get S60-T5 2.4 with K24 turbo. The only option is to get rid out of the 2.0T and do conversion, buy S60-T5 donor car (either from UK or Japan ) . But not that easy process, and this conversion job is costly Now, what if i maintain the B5204T5.. 2000cc engine, upgrade the turbocharger, injectors, fuel pump and finally an ecu remap.? Before we go furthe