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  1. Chilledman, you need to change your name back. This ones dumb.

  2. Dear Matt, I have no idea who you are and why VS is writing you messages. love, Stuart
  3. haha nice. just vacuumed mine yesterday.
  4. I washed mine inside and out today. It's shiny B)
  5. I drove it to school. Then I snuck out of school and went to McDonalds then back to school. Then home.
  6. Chocolate doesn't have a touchscreen <_<
  7. So this kid at school was telling me how fast his car was. I'm look dude, I'll smoke you and your 4 cylinder civic. Hes no like no dude, its a VTAK 4-cylinder, ill smoke you. I almost started crying I was laughing so hard. Guess who won?