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  1. I understand Bro but...........R U saying it was wrong for Obama to fund a non-profit organization.....but yet he must be blamed for their wrong doings? The employees were wrong to try to sway potential voters but why should Obama's association negatively affect him? I doubt he supported ACORN for the sole purpose of stealing votes. It is no surprise that the republicans didn't support the low income voters; however it is when Obama/Democrat supports these guys that all hell has been broken lose.
  2. ....................doesn't mean Obama wanted ACORN to steal votes for him. I know he was a lawyer for them and he coached some of their employees too. But relax Man, you think Obama's campaign could be so foolish to move so many fake registrations without being noticed? The fraud was internal, not on by the intent of Obama. For the many obvious reasons, he has so much pressure on him and I seriously doubt he'll commit to defrauding the election. ACORN has every right to endorse whomever they want but you cannot fault Obama for their sins. Away with your conspiracies my republican friend; Woo to your smear tactics Your party should be more honourable (like the old McCain I remember) and stop attacking Obama's character in sheer cowardness.
  3. Funny how the last two links look like the were written by a columnist from FOX news........Quite long articles indeed and I read it for such a long time I totally misconstrued it's concept. It's just another example of the lame attack (by republicans) of 'guilty by association'. Obama training ACORN's employees doesn't necessary make him a corrupt candidate. + I doubt Obama'll win Mr. Cletus .......besides it'll be interesting to see how far this country can go under if ruled by McCain; hence my vote 4 McCain . Let's see how resilient this country really is, no?
  4. Wow Mr. Cletus........U seem to be sitting on a high throne on a mountain somewhere as U spew knowledge to us (the foolish) and dismiss us whenever we try to make a credible claim. Does grumpiness really mature with age? I have a mortgage (no kids, thank GOD), I work for my money too and I'll give to the needy for the better good in a jiffy . But it is this selfish capitalist 'my money for me alone' mentality that has seemed to crash your economy; where 1% of the population keeps swelling in wealth and the 'middle-class' deflates in financial crisis. The last time I remember Americans coming together as one was the aftermath of 9/11. Is another attack needed again for us to see such patriotism. I agree with 'DonutDemise', nuthin wrong with a pinch of socialism in this country. F'ing hypocrite is an American willing to live lavishly off the lives of US soldiers but scorn to sharing even 1/4 of their livelihood/wealth with the less fortunate. Palin calls this country a humanitarian country yet ppl are filing bankruptcy simply because they can't afford healthcare. A country that screams patriotism but laughs at the many struggling poor is not a country for the ppl. And b4 Mr. Cletus rages at me to go live in another country, I'll answer by saying (in layman's terms), "I'm here for for the good of the many unfortunate that cannot afford medical attention and I'll leave as soon as I get the tools I need" + Thanks a lot Donut Demise, I've learnt a lot from U Bro, and I'm glad there's someone out there with a more appealing/peaceful approach to making z world a little less worse. As 4 Mr. Cletus, I've learned a great deal from U too and I appreciate your wisdom but I ask unto U, what have U done for another American (without having to get paid for it)? ........To increase your life span is to live through others by simply giving
  5. Relax Mr. CLETUS, curb the curse words for they speak lowly of your character I take that back, McCain is no war criminal.....I meant to say POW. With all due respect, can you count how many radical muslims are out there? I practice Islam (you can send the Feds to get me later) and I it is a religion of peace. For you to generalize all muslims as radical is plainly close-minded, Sir. What Ahmedinejad says does not reflect what other muslims think; I hope U get that straight. He may rant on how much he hate Israel or wants to kill all non-muslims but he knows he can never try implementing such. Ooh, if I remember correctly, radical Christianity is what decimated Africa....and created U.S.A. - think about that. Al-Queida attacked in 2001 killing 3000+; tell me when last they killed so many ppl before that time? and do you not wonder that they might be planning a bigger attack in a few months to come? The Iraqi war has killed 4200 soldiers....and destroyed 10,000 American lives while Al-Queida grows stronger. Any gains to the American public? I guess as long as U lost no one in the war, it's okay. El Director, I may be slightly ignorant in politics (still learning unbiasedly) but I know $1 from Mac is as much a sin as $100,000 from Mac. Also I do believe 4-6 of McCain's advisors are all lobbyists - look that up. Politics is dirty and Obama might be dirty too BUT considering the past 8yrs, I'll rather vote for a change in dirty politics than settle for the same of what I've experienced.
  6. Thanks a lot Zappo. I'm in the military and I keep wondering why my homie, Dave, an advocate for military violence (for power), isn't in the military. Rome was a powerful military state.......but that's all they knew. There is only so far military push-over can take you and I for once am more concerned by a well organized Al-Quieda killing 3000ppl (in the strongest country in the world) than U.S's military tactics. I'm new to the political game, done some research, but of all the 4 candidates, Palin seems to be the worst of them all. Americans don't want to do researches, they want to skim thru the latest news. Seeing Palin on those interviews deters me from even thinking about researching about her. She was elected for political help breath life into the republican party and help recruit the women; help recruit the many pitbulls with lipsticks out there. I hope she does well in the debate....just so the presidential race doesn't go on so easily for the Dems.
  7. 1. ......might not be able to implement his plans thanks to the crippled economy, overseen by the republicans for the past 8yrs 2..........what happened to you been patriotic? - An American extending his love (taxes) for another American ; but yet you're willing to lavish money on wars displacing/killing other ppl. Can we (for the benefit of doubt) see if a new system might work, rather than bashing Obama b4 he takes office? If anything thing, Bush (8yrs ago) had a better credibility than McCain and Obama, yet look at the state of the u.s. Obama did take money from Freddie and Fannie........SO DID McCAIN, Mr. Cletus. His advisors are also very questionable Also the fact that McCain knew many names of foreign leaders (big shots) means not he has a better foreign policy. Please ppl, the fact that he was a war criminal doesn't mean he can run foreign relations either. McCain seems more of a non-diplomatic war advocate. What is wrong with sitting down with Ahmadinejad as opposed by McCain? Is the u.s. better than Iran that they be treated like brats? Be careful what you ask for america, I'd go for change (democrats) than more of the same (republicans) AND if the Dems fail or make things worse, then ROME was destined to fall. I'm glad ACORN was exposed b4 the elections and I hope justice prevails against them. Personally, I think Obama as president will be on so much pressure (due to circumstances) that he'll try evrything possible to make the u.s better; that's my flimsy guess - I culd be wrong. ....Today I go with the polls Dave; it says Obama won the debate
  8. Apparently, McCain got mopped around by Obama in the entire debate; how sad. It's funny how a common man like I was able to comprehend more with Obama than McCain; maybe it's because........ummmm!!!
  9. Now not one of you has answered my question about troops in Europe, and Asia, but make rediculous statements about being in Iraq for 100 yrs. I'm not sure McCain was a war"advocate", I'm sure a man with his experience would be loathe to put my son in harms way, but he remembers the Vietnam experience i wrote of earlier in this post. You have no problem with your KOsovo experience? Clinton sent you there, no similar complaints? Surprising.
  10. I appreciate the uplift Bro .I however still have a lot more to learn, long road ahead and age is well against me.
  11. MR.CLETUS? I apologize for criticizing you on what to post on VS, it was not my place. Much respect. Now to the topic @ hand: Like many others, I joined z Army for the tuition assistance in July 2001….but I never discounted the possibilities of war; I braced myself for it. I served in Germany and Kosovo too. I must tell you, stitching up injured soldiers is saddening; not to talk of bagging the many dead. I certainly won’t wish that for your kid; for him to suffer for no cause at the false expense of protecting this country (even we both agree the Iraq war is a mistake) As for the Obama, I know little about his other agendas but his take on US military – which affects me the most. He advocated for 3 major war strategies of which McCain and Bush finally agreed upon. Those were proof enough that change is not so bad. My politico stance? U be the judge; I’ve been labeled many. You, in your infinite wisdom a la age should know you cannot satisfy everyone i.e CPT Porter. During his tour, Obama might have shunned a few and welcomed many OR vice versa. Regardless of the fact, the many biased ppl (who choose not to measure both sides of a situation) will always complain – it’s called ‘feeding the id’. Old Man, Military, Republican, eh? You watch FOX news only? You’re prolly a war advocate like McCain (who wants to stay in Iraq for 100yrs), no? I leave you with 2 quotes to ponder upon. I say again, it’s a new age, let’s show proof of our (psychological) evolution. Shallom…… Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. And it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war - Herbert Hoover. "I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." - George McGovern.
  12. .....blah blah blah indeed. U sound like a republican (which's fair) and I wonder the credibility of one soldier's opinion out of the multitude in Afghanistan. Not all will like Obama; doesn't mean U sir, should magnify on one soldier's comment. What's worse is that U stated your biased opinion about Obama in your first post (b4 posting the letter) trying to sway others opinion? or........? U are entitled to your opinion, doesn't mean you shuld scream 'bloody murder' trying change others. Impose YOUR campaign run at the voting booth not VS. PS: I'm a 'youngster' in uniform too and I've seen the turmoils of war. It's a new age we live in Old sir; war is no more the solution.