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  1. hey ive got a 2002 s60 2.4(n/a). i saw the gauges in your s60r, and theyre gorgeous. is there a place i could find them aftermarket?

  2. Source: Corresponding with news that Ford and Geely are close to closing the Volvo deal, Volvo’s unions have expressed skepticism towards Geely, even going so far as to ask that the company be investigated. An ownership company based in tax havens, a history of trademark theft, and minimal transparancy have all worried unions within Volvo. Swedish Engineers at Volvo and the Metalworkers have expressed worries over the lack of information regarding Volvo’s future within Geely. “There’s
  3. China doesn't play fair, never have, and quite honestly anyone who believes China will keep expensive Euro labor/factories/suppliers is profoundly naive. My guess is that Volvo as a brand will be either radically changed phased out, with the Chinese primarily interested in Volvo's intellectual property, and apply it to Geely cars.