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  1. asians arent cheap.. but your also talking to the guy that insures 4 cars, owns 6, and is one person driving all of them. cheap people come in all colors and genders. on a side note my car is sitting pretty on the driveway next to my dads broken 02 xc
  2. First order of business on the BMW is to drop it....

  3. Chillaxin at jimmys

  4. 560 to insure 4 cars...

  5. Off to jersey for a few days.

  6. Happy fourth everyone!!

  7. time to mow the back yard

  8. Finally done the front yard

  9. damit i kinda want to add an s60 to the fleet

  10. Sweet potato waffle fries are the shitz

  11. i hate shift work 3am and im still up,,,.....

  12. am i nuts for not wanting to get rid of my 855 for a newer car? seems like everyones upgrading to the P2 s60s and v70s..

  13. Running on 2-5hr energys

  14. Just got smart start modules for the cars.... let the fun begin

  15. Too much generation.....

  16. Damn long night and it just started 2 hrs ago