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  1. Appreciate it guys. I might have to make a face book to keep in touch.
  2. what a day, my rating took a shit, on a side note ima stick in the NWC every one else are trolls.
  3. Easiest 50 bucks ever. this guy was talkin mad shit about the 242, was like hey buddy lets run with my other volvo he was like LOL i feel bad for taking your money.
  4. Pretty sure you were legal about 30 years ago
  5. this is for you Spencer, and the rest of the volvo community.
  6. ugh. 36 16oz stones+half G of 3star+4 pink lemonade concentrate+one pint of orange sorbet= Priceless?
  7. LOL@U Side note, Is anyone going to resolution 2012?
  8. Dude. the best part is he ripped half the rivets off his front end but also took a chunk out of my stump. :(
  9. I just had the craziest dream ever. It had Dead island thugs, that me and Geoff almost killed couldnt cause we ran out of weapons, locked it in a room ran out the back door to like an outpost, they drove a truck killed the wounded thug be came hella famous. induced geoff and i in to their ranks so we wouldent tell ppl that we killed them. anyways time passed and they started to turn so Geoff and i became spys to try and take this group of drug smugglers( now) down, think of the group from that one movie where they have to find a cure for some pledge and meet a shit ton of anarchists that eat people. Anyways they take us to this place called the Sugar bowl thats in the slums and renown for drug use and shady shit. we go in and its like an old London library, quite clean and with the workers wearing suits with the tails. anyways were standing around in this place meandering, when one of the older people that we dont know starts complaining to the staff about his ears ringing. turns out as were wondering around this building is flying up these cables like an elevator. find an area that is kinda off limits and its like 10,000 feet in the air suspended buy cables from diffrent sky scrapers the suffle us in to this crazy club Playing (DUBSTEP) hell yea) then try to kill us. panic then shot the floor were we get scooped up by the hamsters guys from the kia shit. take us back to HQ to debreif, but as an normal scan after weve been there geoff was buged. gets shot so do all the other ppl in the HQ. I some how escape and Run the JB Lewis Maccord. Was a real Mind Effer Happy thanks Giving!