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  1. Don't go by the DAMOS file for the copied maps. You have to look for mirrored data. say a map is at $1234, the mirrored map would be at $11234 if I remember correctly.
  2. Not sure if this was really mentioned/explained, but the reasoning for copies of some maps between the two banks is for speed optimization. Because the 8051 Micro controller being used only has a 16-bit address bus, and the AN28F010 flash chip needs a 17-bit address bus, when the cpu is executing code and needs to switch banks a routine to change that 17th address line is run. If I remember correctly the 17th bit line is multiplexed with some other function. The M4.4 system has double the memory as M4.3, but does not need all that space. That's why there are copies of maps commonly referenced by the software, so that way the CPU doesn't need to switch banks which could potentially mess with operation of the engine. So essentially, if you edit a map, make sure you are editing both, otherwise the car will run off the original tune's values when executing code from the other bank.
  3. My mom had a XC90 up till about two months ago, never really got into it. albeit her's was the 2.5T version, it just did not feel like a proper SUV. I do like the basket on yours though lol. I thought that was my car at first glance lol
  4. Love the stance on the C70 :tup:
  5. It's first time on the road since September. Waiting for a couple parts to arrive at some point today and then I can take it for a spin. So stoked.
  6. I'm just gonna stay out of the politics forum like I have in the past. not my strong suit.
  7. I personally think what these sites are doing is a good thing. Even if the sopa thing passes, i think within a couple years a "second internet" will rise, sort of based on the concept of ham radios, free from the big company crap and government intervention type stuff
  8. I got my car running for the first time since September.
  9. Phrase that comes to my mind: "THINK MCFLY! THINK!"
  10. Sleeping till May... And a photo from this summer...
  11. Someone make sure I wash my car tomorrow. I've been neglecting the paint...

  12. This car is poking insane. Re-reouted the whole charge system, bored out the intake manifold, installed a 3" Throttle body, tuned the BOV, and made a blanking plate for the turbo. I wonder what the honda kids that were laughing at me thought when I spun 1st through 3rd....

  13. Living in Willow 2305-A this fall. Finally returning to UMD.

  14. Out to pick up the 164

  15. If a man shoots himself in the foot he will walk with a limp. If he keeps it up, eventually he can't stand. Someone take away my poking gun.

  16. Someone just gave me a 71' Volvo 164 with 91K miles...Kinda stunned a bit

  17. Ferris bueller you're my hero