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  1. Yeah, I thought of that .. but it doesn't do anything. I had a fuse go out once on my 240 that fried the dimmer switch, and I had the same exact problem. Once I replaced it, everything was fine. I think I'm going to try and replace this one and see if that's it. Any idea on how I could test the one I have to see if it works properly?
  2. I'm going to my mechanic tomorrow to have the catalytic converter insepected. The exhaust gas is very hot coming out of the tailpipe. I don't know if this is normal? In any case, I'll have to see what tomorrow brings. I am willing to work on it, for sure. The only update I have on the instrument cluster is that, if I take out fuse #35 and put it back in, the clock light will barely flicker. I haven't gone any further than that so far. This puzzles me however, because if I wiggle the fuse when it's fully in position and connected, this won't do anything. Furthermore, I get a continuous voltage with my multi-meter from the fusebox. So, the problem seems to be coming from there, but I don't know what it could be or how it could be remedied as there seems to be constant power to the source.
  3. I was on my third 240, when my sister offered to give me her 1995 850 sedan for free. Naturally, I accepted. The 240 had 218K miles; even though it was in excellent condition, I figured I couldn't turn down a much newer, seemingly more reliable car. *well* Here are how things have unfolded so far: Camshaft Position sensor -- $200 Motor mounts -- $200 Alternator and battery -- $300 Breaks/rotors -- $550 Shocks/struts -- $500 And now, the car can barely put out any power. The exhaust pipe sounds like hell, so I'm thinking it may just need a catalytic converter and/or O2 sensors. The dashboard lights also mysteriously went out, even though fuse #35 is recieving power. This is all excluding maintenance items, such as the timing belt, tune-ups, etc. The car has only 102K. I have two questions: 1) Any idea why the dashlights wouldn't work, even though the fuse outlet is fine? 2) Should I sell this car? The car has been in an accident, so the title is reconstructed. I really don't know what to do. Yeah, it's fun to drive (5spd manual) and it's safe, but it's a real money pit. At the same time, I don't see why anyone would want to buy it. Has anyone else had trouble with 850s, or is this just a bad year? Thanks for any input!