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  1. 100% true. Just need to find more time to work on mine now 😞
  2. Always liked the 3 windshield washer nozzles on the s80. Extra clean windshield!
  3. Most likely his. I believe it was in Charlotte NC for a little.
  4. Opened this the other day, thanks SANTA!
  5. 1. Patrick - FaultyPiston2 - size small 2. Mat - MattyXXL - 6 months or 3T 3. Michael - RBoy8 - youth L/XL 4. Kevin - Kevin. - Regular L 5. Matt - mattb - medium/large 6. Timo - Timbo Slice - Medium 7. Jon - Survolvo - L/XL 8. Erik - L 9. Tiberio - Tizio, medium?/L 10. Shackman - Shack Man XL 11. Brandon - Volvoskiah- N/A
  6. volvoskiah

    Project 95

    Looks good, needs more v70 tails though!
  7. She's jacked up, I need to drop is soon
  8. You have the door panels? If not I have a set.
  9. 05 6 speed. Got it in march of last year with a bad head. Finally had time to change it out. Timing belt tensioner failed at 99k
  10. Finally got the s60R running after almost a year and a half. Put the first 100 miles today and it ran great. Passed NJ inspection too without a front plate
  11. Yes it is verified working. You can come check it out of you want to ?
  12. 100,800 miles, bought off of the original owner. Has been sitting for 7 years so will need a few things before it can be started/driven. Not bad though!
  13. Little late but picked this guy up on Monday: Little shot of the tow setup:
  14. Glad the wagon made the trip! Cam seal on that side will be fun
  15. Idk about Hilton but I know tom loves his Steve-O tune......and the fact that his tune is the only one that has ever worked in his car
  16. Someone should do a photo shop that for me. Kinda like the color for the minute though May throw on my 10 mm tomorrow if it isn't raining!
  17. Thanks man! I need to space put the rear though