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  1. Checked the truck this morning and the bubble is completely gone... I don't understand.
  2. It's on one of the test vehicles at work. I've never seen anything like that before...It's as big as a grapefruit.
  3. Well I guess that post was a day late. Only blew it up once. Motor is totally seized. I'm rocking the Danger Ranger until we get it back on the road. lol Moral of the story. Don't EVER trust your coolant temp/level or oil pressure sensor. Or check your levels every day. :(
  4. Ripped my lip off on the railroad tracks for the millionth time. Then spent 30 minutes looking for someone with a 240 to bum some zipties from. :lol:
  5. Yes, I believe we have discussed this at length Bigger issue is my fubarred a-arms, having to replace the rack, steeing column, clutch, flywheel, fuel pump and awd coilovers being super expensive. That and the sale of my motor financed the purchase of the 850.
  6. No. And I hate to think of it as a part-out, I'll probably throw the AWD sways up for sale but that's about it. Everything else will be divided between Zeus and I.
  7. 2000. I loved the shit outta that wagon too. Everything was gumdrops and rainbows up until everything started breaking all at once... and I realized that IPD will never sort the tune for my manual swap. Also found out that the custom suspension that we got via the GB doesn't actually fit. No low and no fast :(
  8. I do too but the problems outweighed the sexy. In a way I'm not really losing the car, all of the good stuff is going to another vehicle. Yessir.
  9. Nope. VR is going bye bye. Good. Fucking. Riddance.
  10. Nah, it's back in FL. I rode up in an F250 so we could bring a friend's car in the big ass trailer with all the tents and stuff for the show. You can still come to Midwest Treffen Sat/Sun! I will be hanging out aaaaalll weekend! :)
  11. Spotted a black 850 on black wheels parked behind the Villiage west brook something or other in Milwaukee a moment ago.