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  1. I was already starting to worry you weren't getting one Johann. Congrats on the sweet ride. It's the 'wrong' color though
  2. Got tired of constant rubbing and a ridiculous turing radius (compared to the already insane turning radius). I plan on tracking the car a lot more this year so smaller, thicker tires are preferred.
  3. first, the cars go in, then, an old dark brown leather sofa followed by a pool table, one of those home beer tap things and a fridge filled with red bull A white neon AREA 55 sign above the entrance would top it off nicely ;)
  4. hehe, cool I wouldnt know where to begin looking for a second hand "shed" like that, marktplaats?
  5. Looks cool, like a little showroom if it were made of glass with all the cars though, wouldn't a double car door been handier?
  6. This is an awesome project Johann, unfortunately any project that aims to top this one will probably require you to make a phone call to NASA :P