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  1. Hola Kevin Jerry Garcia is probably rolling in his grave right now. You think you are a real hippy hanging out in the Black Rock Desert with Katie Couric? I have been busy in the real world. Definatly miss the LOL's of VS . This forum is like a semi-gay gang from the likes of "The West Side Story", that just keeps drawing you back like a Longbech850 rap video.
  2. Your momma smells like fish sticks and gerbal farts
  3. You kill me!!! First bike Bonneville by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr
  4. I am back hookers!!

  5. If ur contacting me for a turbo, will be back soon!! Had surgery and few other things pop up

  6. I luv it when your mom farts on my pecker :D
  7. Thanks for the help Greg!! What would your advice/software recommendations be for High DR shots in which you have to use 2 photos to blend? Been having some awesome weather to photograph out here but I believe the DR is making the picture just look flat.
  8. Thanks Greg!! Do you upload to flickr via JPEG or TIFF? I am aware of sharpening via LR3, a few of the pics just posted from flickr look a bit dull compared to what they do in LR, hence the question about file format/compression Usually hit sharpen for screen, but never have taken it out of "standard"
  9. Ahh, taken a few decent ones since I last posted in here.. 1-23-2012 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr 0611-tahoe-4 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr 0611-Tahoe-1 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr Really been to busy the last 6 months to use the camera much but decided to buy a Sigma 10-20mm the other day since I enrolled in a color class IMGP8129 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr What would cause a picture to lose shapness after upload to a site like Flickr? Lower resolution of not having Flickr? Photography files and compression is not my strong suit :D
  10. I would not really call it a "antidepressant", with its very low affinity for 5HT receptors. Shit is actually prescribed a lot for insomnia. I had a 6 hour boner once...the warning on the prescription information said "call your doctor immediately", I called the newspaper instead.
  11. LMFAO...first time seeing this>>