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  1. Hola Kevin Jerry Garcia is probably rolling in his grave right now. You think you are a real hippy hanging out in the Black Rock Desert with Katie Couric? I have been busy in the real world. Definatly miss the LOL's of VS . This forum is like a semi-gay gang from the likes of "The West Side Story", that just keeps drawing you back like a Longbech850 rap video.
  2. Your momma smells like fish sticks and gerbal farts
  3. You kill me!!! First bike Bonneville by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr
  4. I am back hookers!!

  5. If ur contacting me for a turbo, will be back soon!! Had surgery and few other things pop up

  6. I luv it when your mom farts on my pecker :D
  7. Thanks for the help Greg!! What would your advice/software recommendations be for High DR shots in which you have to use 2 photos to blend? Been having some awesome weather to photograph out here but I believe the DR is making the picture just look flat.
  8. Thanks Greg!! Do you upload to flickr via JPEG or TIFF? I am aware of sharpening via LR3, a few of the pics just posted from flickr look a bit dull compared to what they do in LR, hence the question about file format/compression Usually hit sharpen for screen, but never have taken it out of "standard"
  9. Ahh, taken a few decent ones since I last posted in here.. 1-23-2012 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr 0611-tahoe-4 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr 0611-Tahoe-1 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr Really been to busy the last 6 months to use the camera much but decided to buy a Sigma 10-20mm the other day since I enrolled in a color class IMGP8129 by fluorineironrhenium, on Flickr What would cause a picture to lose shapness after upload to a site like Flickr? Lower resolution of not having Flickr? Photography files and compression is not my strong suit :D
  10. I would not really call it a "antidepressant", with its very low affinity for 5HT receptors. Shit is actually prescribed a lot for insomnia. I had a 6 hour boner once...the warning on the prescription information said "call your doctor immediately", I called the newspaper instead.
  11. LMFAO...first time seeing this>>
  12. Epic thread . The whole reason why on my days off I like to hit the country clubs and beat the tar out of Yuppies. Money is relative....kinda hard to feel sorry for someone who hopes "gas will hit $10 so no one can drive" . No complaining princess !! Mike for president!! The whole reason why the upper class can suck it!! If one of your goals in life is to make a "shit load of money" that's fine by me. When the upper class and corporate greed gets to the point that they are "shitting in the bath tub", your nothing more then a junkie who needs a new habit. You saying "business's need tax cuts" and " I would never hire back a American worker" in the same argument is too funny . Trade is favorable right now if your Chinese and exporting your product to the US.
  13. Adam eat one of these>> You know u always turn into a little cold water chode when you get hungry Better??
  15. Just hang in there man!! Something will happen soon and you will get a break from the pain.
  16. Just bought this custom T-shirt online Front Back
  17. Wasserman, your head is harder then a preachers prick!!
  18. I just always wanted to say that on here . Written in 380 BC and a must read if you have not already>>
  19. I really like the colors on that XC60, do you have any pics of the interior? Is there much power to be had with most stock turbo diesel cars, or does the type of fuel and the higher compression ratio limit power that can be made? You were talking about "good handling", is the suspension all bone stock? The pic of the RS500 is nice What is the basic breakdown of the turboback system on that car (diameters, mufflers, resonators...ect)? Done anything with the Lexus?