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98 coupe - R exhaust manifold, snabb intake and short shifter, ipd sway bars with the track spec 25mm rear bar, eurosport cat back exhaust, tinted windows, speedtuning ecu, blaster coil, ipd tcv, ipd cbv, zimmerman rotors, stainless brake lines, blue epoxy calipers, eibach springs, bilstein hd shocks, eurosport carbon fiber strut brace, K&N, E code lenses, badgeless eggcrate grille, samco hoses and powder coated wheels...

2000 xc - tinted, ecu, zimmerman/brembo, voxx, ipd sway, strut brace, k&n, mesh grille

98 S70 T5 manual -Rescue Volvo - you name it and its been don't to this one - Head gasket, timing belt, breather, 1/2 shaft, oil cooler lines... i forget but it was a lot of work to get it running. Nice little car now. 

2005 S60R Manual - Rescue Volvo. New CEM, Timing belt, breather service, angle gear, wheels, maf, a coil, plugs, windshield...  needs lots of suspension and a driveline yet along with an alarm module, a fog light, rain sensor repair, who knows what else.

2005 S60R Manual - Rescue Volvo. "One owner"  - when they swear they took the best care ever beware: Needs a radiator, timing belt, breather service, bevel gear, rear end oil pump, heater mix door is messed up, needs a battery, lots of suspension work, who knows what else. i put brakes in it and discovered the a rear aftermarket wheel bearing caused the rotor to rub against the backing plate.