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  1. Excellent man! It's good to see these X5's are getting the love they finally deserve. Especially the M54 engines, they really are great motors. I do miss the classic Volvo scene, but damn do I love this S90. I just put my BBS wheels on a few days ago, I swear you can feel the weight being lifted off of the car compared to the Cratus wheels, which are like 8 lbs heavier per wheel. Pic below:
  2. It's been a while since I've posted for y'all, but I picked up a 2005 BMW X5 3.0 with 192k, body damage, and a bunch of small electrical issues and engine/trans things to fix. It's all been cleared up and I wanted to make this X5 a luxury/ish offroader. I think it's mostly there. All engine related leaks have been sorted, doesn't leak a drop of fluids. Trans filter and gasket are done, all electrical gremlins have been repaired. Rear suspension has been completely refurbished (the rear ball joints were blown out to near catastrophic failure). I lifted it using a 40mm body lift, it has 20mm H&R spacers all around, and oversized 265/70R17 All terrains on it. Added wide angle mirrors, full LED tails and brake lights, headlights have been completely restored with new lenses and bulbs. GM3 module was replaced (rear windows were not functioning) as well as the ALC module (which was preventing the driver's light from coming on). Came with a knockoff key from some junk key shop, so I bought the AK90 programmer for new keys, ordered 2 cut keys on ebay for 90 bucks, and now they are fully functional OEM looking keys without an issue. Added a full touchscreen android unit that is able to run android auto. I really really love this thing, and i've put on about 1500 miles with all new fluids and the overhaul has been done, it's really been a great SUV for lugging stuff around. The only other thing I would like to do is to get a metal offroad bumper for it, since the mounting brackets on this plastic bumper are all separated. but I am very very happy with this X5 so far. Looking forward to winter with this X-Drive.
  3. A little late, but here's my 2018 S90 T6 Inscription with Polestar Optimisation. I bought it in June, and have since lowered it on HEICO springs, blacked out the window trim, V90 R-Design Grille and lower valance, tint, partial debadge, freshly powdercoated Cratus 20's, and H&R 20mm spacers. I LOVE this car. I'm so glad I bought it. I traded in the S60 T5 AWD. I still have the BBS's waiting to go on the S90 in the spring, I think.
  4. Thank you!! It's on H&R Springs right now, and I love them but I do wish they were a hair lower!
  5. It's pretty quick. Love the sound it makes though. It's also a 2013 so it's got all the good stuff 2013 introduced, compression ratio, the updated AWD module, overboost etc.. I drove a 2012 and could tell a big difference between the two T5's. It only has 52k on it too. I love the car, it feels so new but with the ol' reliable 5 cylinder in it. But lately I have been thinking of moving up to an SPA S60. If I can afford it that is 🤣
  6. Hi Guys, It's been a while. figured I'd update those who still use the forums. I bought a 2013 S60 T5 AWD, with only 38k miles on it back in October and have been adding parts to it for Carlisle 2k19. The other day I got my set of BBS CIR's on my S60 and painted the calipers gold. A few other mods include R-Design rear diffuser, Magnaflow custom axleback, R-Design trunklid spoiler, H&R Springs, K&N filter (if that even counts..), a few other things. But it's so comfortable and It's my favorite car I've owned so far. Pictures attached.
  7. Hey man! All good on my end. Things are good on the homefront. Fixing up this house and stuff, actually I think this weekend I might be looking into a P3 T5 AWD S60 hopefully. I'd do the R Design but it's just a bit out of my budget. Derik is good, he's rolling with an 04 XC90 2.5T AWD right now, but the AWD is finnicky and I can't figure out the issue, but it's related to the yaw sensor. so irritating. Other than that he's good! slaving away for corporate america lol
  8. Hey man! So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Work has been crazy busy. Yeah I put the S80 Executive Gauges in my XC90. I had to end up re-using some parts of the S80 cluster and cut off the lower tabs to make it work. I can't remember why but it was pretty simple to figure out. As for the LED's, I wired them into the bulbs in the headlight switch, so the LED's would come on with the parking lights. One of my favorite mods I've done was the Executive gauges.
  10. yes, provided you have the time and ability to remove the needles, remove the existing red luminescent paint on said needles, and apply luminescent paint on the needles too. it's not too terribly difficult but definitely more involved. this would also work only with certain colors too, like white background with red needles, etc considering the same light that lights up the gauges also lights up the needles as well.
  11. I bought it a couple weeks ago but... 2007 Audi A4 2.0T S line with 129k. I bought a GFB diverter valve and Torque solution PCV Blockoff plate for it, and a new set of wheels (Alzor 628's), which are the Audi RS5 replica wheels. I love driving it. Needs a few things like silicone hose intercooler kit, bought some EBC Redstuff pads for it, going to get rotors shortly. Ideally i would just want a downpipe, intake, tune and coilovers. that's about it!
  12. that's awesome. thanks John!! yeah I am not trying to plan everything out just yet. My other half is the one that gets overprepared lol. Thanks for the info!
  13. i'm going to japan next year too! Tokyo, Fuji, Hiroshima and Mazda factory
  14. CC runs off vacuum in the older cars (not sure about the 99+) so aside from the turn signal wiring where the CC controls are, the remainder of the system is up by the battery(just below the battery)
  15. Updates as of last night- Roof is now dry carbon fiber wrapped. still need to do the wing I bought, as with the mirror caps Today: dropped it off for 20% tint all around!
  16. Yesterday, but.. Black X70 door handles (except for drivers :( ) Plasti dipped part of the grille Removed the grey 850 door trim (to replace with the X70 door trim) Clay barred, polished, black dyed and waxed the whip. she looks gooooood. I dunno why I spent so much money on converting a regular 850 NA to a 99+ V70R
  17. Finished up the new hood latches on the X70R swap, along with rewiring the headlights and foglights. also put on the freshly painted XC rear bumper (now painted all black, no more grey trim). car looks good, but needs a wash and a good wax desperately. also need to put on the black door handles and the black x70 door trim. I bought dry carbon wrap for the roof, and the wagon spoiler I just bought. H2Oi prep lol
  18. I did a thing: X70R front end. car needs a wash desperately. and a new grille. I have the corresponding door handles to match. to be done sometime this week. pretty straightforward aside from the plugs being different on the headlights and the hood latches being different.
  19. Hey! For the XC rear bumper on the 850, did you have to get the v70 rear foam and bumper beam? I just had my XC bumper painted for the 850, but in the thread you added pictures in I didn't see anything bout the rear foam being necessary. let me know!


    Thanks man,



  20. it was yesterday, but... picked up the freshly painted (non grey trim) XC rear bumper and also freshly painted V70R bumper
  21. not today, but I registered the 850 as a classic car this weekend lol
  22. YOU GO NOW! Yeah, the O2 spacer should definitely do the trick. it fools the front sensor into thinking the Exhaust is "cleaned" by the cat, but it just moves the sensor away from the exhaust stream.
  23. No! but they all wear leopard yoga pants. i KNOW THIS!