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  1. I tinted my new ride and detailed it again.
  2. I just bought the WRX, getting tint tomorrow.
  3. Drove 600 miles and can not beleive how AWESOME this car rides. Had to pick up famly members that have flown in from out of town. New York, Texas, Guatamala, Mexico, Arizona and Chicago. We had 18 people staying in my house. Over whelming.
  4. Just tinted my windows, waiting for the R rear spoiler. It looks pretty good.
  5. Hey people it is starting to look like a euro. Have the calipers painted today. Also made appointment for the tint. The side markers are going to be blue in color.....can not wait!!!!!
  6. Put the sticker on the side window.
  7. scout01

    Volvo S60

    Volvo S60
  8. Put XM radio in the S60 and plan on putting 20% tint in a couple days.
  9. Took it out of the garage and it was all good, I told my buddy to put more boost. We will see what happens.
  10. Winter drifting with the Volvo. Handled really nice and was actually impressed.
  11. Replaced my Ambient air sensor and checked brakes. all good.
  12. Went to the Detroit Auto Show!!!!! Awesome. Messing around with Charger R/T on the way over to the show. Interesting.
  13. Upgraded XM reciever to the remote control activated system. Love it!!! it is pretty sweet looking.
  14. Had the Volvo checked out again. All is good on the old girl. No boost leak HP good and torque is good. Nice things to hear.
  15. Taking the S40 to the garage. Some unanswered issues.
  16. I washed the car for the 4th time this week and dusted the inside. Now I am looking for a ECU for the scout01.
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    Random pics

    These are pics of all types.
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    From the album: Random pics

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    Volvo S40/Misc.

    some photos of the S40 a project in progress.
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    From the album: Volvo S40/Misc.

    © Volvospeed © 1998-2007

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    From the album: Random pics

    © Volvospeed © 1998-2007

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    From the album: Random pics

    © Volvospeed © 1998-2007

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    From the album: Random pics

    © Volvospeed © 1998-2007

  24. From the album: Random pics

    © Volvospeed © 1998-2007