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  1. khax

    RAWR Furries

  2. khax

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    holy fuck college is awesome :lol:
  3. khax

    Off Topic: The Thread

    i enjoyed that. i really wish i'd learned to play piano, my brother did when he was younger and i'm jealous. can't imagine playing that and singing, damn. i've been really down with tool lately.
  4. khax

    Off Topic: The Thread

    probly not tryin to get my dad's saab right now and thanks for the info dudes.. it does seem relatively easy but it seems really useful and foundational to lots of stuff. definitely considering it...
  5. khax

    Off Topic: The Thread

    did you find it worthwhile/interesting? i'm still undeclared and i've really enjoyed the two classes i've taken so far and done really well, i've been seriously considering declaring but i'm not quite sure yet.
  6. khax

    Off Topic: The Thread

    are there any econ majors on VS?
  7. khax

    Swamp Your Representitive!

    indeed. i'm gonna be paying for all the bullshit that's gone on in this country the last few years. i simply have a problem calling every uninsured american lazy and unwilling to help their own situation. that's complete BS and the conservative movement does nothing but reinforce this and it's disgusting. trickle down is bullshit, our tax system is bullshit and i am behind anything that will help people to not suffer and die from treatable illness. our previous healthcare system was completely wasteful and profit-driven and it makes no sense to have an industry with an incentive to insure those who will not need medical care. i have no doubt this system will have its errors but it's a step in the right direction. i find it amusing people act like the constitution hasn't been completely shredded prior to this bill.
  8. khax

    Obama Nation

    why use people who play sports and make tons of money as an example? athletes aren't buying politicians to maintain their wealth. they're a tiny portion of the top 1% who don't give a fuck about anyone else.
  9. khax

    Swamp Your Representitive!

    looks like we're one step closer to joining the other first world countries.
  10. khax

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    drink everything in any order and you have an ok chance of everything going ok :lol: got a 12er of PBR hmmm time to lay the mackdown
  11. khax

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    lame ass night in eugene. kite status
  12. snagged the deck on ebay for $18, $9 and $9 shipping.
  13. khax

    Obama Nation

    i feel no allegiance to the democratic party i just feel we should at least have a public option, my passion for the topic has little to do with the bill itself. so many of the counter arguments are based around the fact that our government is already fucked up and that's not the fault of a different healthcare system. true, right now might not be the right time but there is a difference between that and never. the destruction of the family is a huge problem but if the federal government is going to continue to fund abstinence-only programs etc. and the religious right has anything to say about it nothing's gonna change there either. the most religious states have the highest divorce and abortion rates, that's been proven again and again. religion's not the only problem here but that's a debate for another time. the fact that we're all white males discussing this issue should tell you something. you can call me a hippy or whatever but there are people who continue to get systematically fucked because of people so intent on maintaining this system.
  14. khax

    Obama Nation

    yeah i know that, i don't think the government should be the only ones doing medical research or something. there's a difference between that and providing basic health care to american citizens.