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  1. mune237

    Who Does L8 A P E K S Owe?

    I finally got paid back!
  2. mune237

    Who Does L8 A P E K S Owe?

    still waiting.....
  3. mune237

    Who Does L8 A P E K S Owe?

    I sent Sean a message on FB, he read it this morning 8:24am; but still no reply
  4. mune237

    Who Does L8 A P E K S Owe?

    time will tell. left message with Eric.
  5. mune237

    Who Does L8 A P E K S Owe?

    just saw this!!!! I'll check back in tonight from home!!!!!!
  6. mune237

    Thread About Nothin

    I was hit head on, by a un-insured driver that totalled my truck. Luckily I drove my truck that day. I paid $100 deductible on my UNDER-Insured drivers coverage. There's no such thing as un-insured drivers coverage in the state of WA, cause HA! all drivers by law have to have it HA!. Anyhow my agent said it's less than 1 out 10 chance they will ever get any money out of these folks. If they do, I'll receive a check for my deductible. So far, no check, and last time I checked with Sea-Tac PD, they hadn't seen her since they visited her at the hospital.
  7. mune237

    Interior Upgrades

    still waiting for 70series model, but yes on the price
  8. mune237

    How Your Car Sits

  9. mune237

    Thread About Nothin

    Home Depot and McLendons
  10. mune237

    How Your Car Sits

    those eBay lips can be ordered with matching paint the 850R spoiler will look the best!
  11. mune237

    How Your Car Sits

    Have you thought about a 96-97 850R rear spoiler on your S70? I would definitely do it, if I had a S70
  12. mune237

    How Your Car Sits

    Looking good T!!!
  13. mune237

    Thread About Nothin

    I'm looking over there too!
  14. mune237

    Thread About Nothin

    Good luck! I've got my finger on the trigger for this. Any day now. Damn SRS light
  15. mune237

    X70 Led Swap: The Thread

    For those that were successful, how did you cut the white plastic? Going to get a small metal blade for my Dremel UPDATE: I just used a small end mill in my Dremel, I took out just enough to get the bulbs in and out.