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  1. uses Facebook and Twitter for statuses. =)

  2. Replaced the battery. Went to leave for work this morning and it was toast. AAA tested it and confirmed it had a bad cell. Went to the Volvo dealer and they said it would take 2+ hours to *get* to it, and it would cost between $185 - $250 to get a new one installed, and it only had a 1 year replacement warranty. =o Erm, no. Had AAA replace it for $140, and they did it right then/there and it has a 3 year replacement warranty. And the new battery has a better CCA rating (old was 600, new one is 700). Checked online and AutoZone also said to get 700CCA, so not sure if the factory spec is 600 or
  3. Put them on an S60. They'll work just fine. Not our fault your wiper blades are epic fail. :)
  4. Installed a set of Bosch Icons. I added 2 spoilers today, so that's good for 20HP amirite? :D