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  1. new large mousepad to replace my old large mousepad (444mm x 355mm) now that i'm not in an apartment, i've decided to hook up my pioneer stuffs... doing it this way to have the separate device for music only (e.g. games stay on desktop speakers) optical audio cable digital to analog converter long rca cables
  2. didn't know the source but yea I guess I've seen some others lol
  3. lubricating your engine is super important
  4. I imagine there's still benefit in being able to afford that new deck after going from renter to owner, though... I can get a steak from a restaurant and enjoy it just fine, but if I buy it from a store and cook it myself, I can afford some beer to go with it.
  5. that would likely do it for me -- thanks I guess the real gripe is that I have to install something on my PC to use any of these apps... when I've already got something running (a Windows Media Server -- or specifically, in this case, PS3 Media Server) -- native WMP functionality here and just completely absent on my Windows phone.
  6. I can't believe there's no way to stream your windows media server to your windows phone.
  7. very interesting... anyone else?
  8. We chose the 2nd tier of service (basically how long it takes them)... so it would have been like $600. I get everything, but really it's just that 1 file that's needed...
  9. don't forget to get your Slurpee today...
  10. how do I add a keyed switch for two of these in series: (18.5v each and the motor is pulling peak 80amps) I was thinking relay but having troubling finding one that would work... possibly I'm not looking for the right thing.
  11. PC guardian forever and recently McAfee (edit: which may just be safeboot )
  12. no sweat, it was work, and full disk encryption just trying to be mean
  13. funny, I just sent in a barracuda to have the data recovered for too much money. it was very old, though -- 5-7 years maybe.
  14. Maybe you can give me a hint as I'm searching around for the answer... It's currently connected to the main router over wifi, and my computers are wired into it, but I also have a wireless print server that I'd like to connect. Am I able to host a separate wifi network (same subnet as wires) when I'm already using wifi as a client? the other two options are wireless to the main router (on another floor), or just wired to the router (usb) (ultimately better; it's a fast printer when not over wifi). I was actually considering the RT-N16 to use with the printer, but then I would have had to run wires around the room to the computers
  15. ASUS RT-N12 (edit: w/ DD-WRT ) as a wireless client for better interconnection between my own devices (now all wired)
  16. does anything like this exist that keeps it's own water cold (vs supplying it with ice)?
  17. I have a tank already and I stupidly was keeping it in the garage at the last place... It's in my driveway right now -- i've used it for an hour -- you're saying that's nothing? if it's OK to be out in the sun I can just throw it in the back yard. But I likely won't be using it, so I'm happy to donate some gas. not sure about the 4th yet, btw.